Insulated Glass Machine Production Line (window equipment)

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Product Description: Insulated Glass Machine Production Line (window equipment)

 Insulated Glass Machine Production Line (window equipement)1.The entire machines operation uses the man-machine contact surface: Operates direct-viewing and convenient, the running status is dynamic demonstration, the frequency conversion velocity modulation, the maximum speed may amount to 45 meters/Minute (basis user demand, but also may suitably raise the speed).  2.High production efficiency: The big glass piece can move at the full speed, the small glass piece is possible have an ad hoc storage area, and stay at the storage area temporarily, also the clean glass may input continuously.   3.Conserves energy interrupted type automatic operation system: Entire machine uses the energy conservation interrupted type automatic operation system, when glass movement to the electro optical sensor of the end of the input section, the brush, the water pump, the air blower will be start automatically, when the production is interrupted, the brush, the water pump, the air blower will automatically stop, the section of the equipment which were occupied moves in full speed, other parts which do not work is at the intelligence dormant state, so the economical energy conservation can be kept.   4.LOW-E glass automatic diagnosis system: The coating glass (especially the LOW-E glass) the membrane is not destroyed, the glass transportation section is loaded with the coating glass automatic diagnosis system, fully guaranteed the correct clean of the coating glass and the Slice Joint.5.The main low-voltage electric appliance part (frequency changer, PLC, vacuum system, touches screen and so on), transmits motor, uses the import brand completely. (For details sees fitting detailed list of specifications)6.The entire strip line has the ultra strong function, can produce normal, the heterogeneous type, the ultra long and the curtain wall glass and the LOW-E glass.7.All movements of the entire line are equipped with the manual function, and is equipped with manually backs up function, it is advantageous for the entire machine overhaul and the manual operation Slice Joint. The back support roller to use the partly inserts type.8.The transportation section is equipped with the rack which used for laying the glass temporarily, facilitates place the big glass lites9.Uses the lubrication conveniently, the high strength casting vertical spherical surface bearing; Transmits roller use elastic good degree of hardness and high polyester wheel, the movement fast, steady and reliable.   10.Use four levels of cleans, guarantee the best clean effect. The clean section uses the high quality stainless steel completely, the part which may contact with water uses the stainless steel or the copper nature material.  11.Three pair of tubular rollers type of hair brushes, use the thermostable and soft nature hair brush completely, fully guaranteed the coating glass especially the LOW-E glass layer stratification can not be destroyed.12.Six asynchronous machines, the independence drives the hair brush, uses the tightens sealed bearings, three independent cleans shells type of water tank can fully guaranteed the clean effect, the special design water cock may realize the fast cleaning up.13.The high quality stainless steel independent shell type of water tank, three pair of hair brushes independent water supply system, the hair brush water tank has the permanent lukewarm water heat installation, can use heated water for cleaning, the lowlife brushes water tank can be possible to install thickly and fine filters system (to be possible to select), three hair brushes water supplies tank may do water refill (running water or deionized water), the unnecessary water finally overflow from the first water tank.14.According to the glass thickness, automatically control the spacing of the drag roll, it is do not need any other manual adjustment for the glass that have different thickness.15.The dry section uses the high quality stainless steel, all of them are anti-corrosive material (including air knife, transfer gantry), the two air knives relative surfaces gradient can adjust basis on the glass thickness in the structure, the first wind  knife automatic control and adjust the distance to the glass surface, it can be used to  clean glass that of different thickness, fully consistently guaranteed the distance  between the gusty and the glass surface, the inside of the air knife can be cleaned.16.Uses the two stage high pressure air blower, the wind power is strong, the wind that enters into the air knife will be filtrated, so can guaranteed the purity of the air, the half circulation hot blast can guarantee the dry effect, the high efficiency air blower can guarantee the glass lites can be completely pure drying.17.In the air blower and the blade carrier installs air noise reduce and absorption material, the movement noise is lower than 75 decibels.18.In order to guarantee the inspection effect, uses two pair of inspection lamps which were vertical and docking placed, polishes the stainless steel board reflection.19.In order to enhance the working efficiency, establishes the small piece glass storage area, the inspection section was divided into three independent transmissions parts, guaranteed the glass which will be cleaned can be inputs continuously.20.Uses the long pole foot switch, after the aluminum strip lays already, it can be operate in the free position of the aluminum strip laying section.21.The multi_claw type aluminum frame side localization and under locates structure, make the laying of the aluminum strip extremely convenient.22.The pan of the plate presses the section uses the German OSB board, moisture-proof and not easy to distort, also have strong anti- impulse.23.Uses the import highly effective vacuum generator, can make the vacuum negative pressure maintains above 0.8 megabar, according to the glass size can automatically control the sucker suction, full guarantee the glass lites does not glide down.24.The precision of the press is high, the lower part of the press plate is a straight-line guide rail, can fully guaranteed the high accuracy parallel press.25.The air cushion has an ultra clean design, and the aircushion filters system, effectively avoids the second time polluted of the glass press and the air cushion wind valve can be adjust.26.Uses the import pressure proportion control valve, automatically adjust the pressure according to the insulating glass lites size, can obtain the best press effect for all the different glass size. 27.The front part of the press plate section add to an input transmit section, the small glass piece can be save here, and can realize the second time press of the ultra long glass. This production line may select and match the big and small lites function.

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