High Power E27 Led Par Light 5W

Price: US $ 10 - 11 / Unit
Brand Name: JDY
Model Number: JPL-E00-5W
Post Date: Jun 30,2012

Product Description: High Power E27 Led Par Light 5W

 High Quality 5W LED PAR Light


  High Efficiency; Low Consumption; Excellent Quality with Reasonable Price.






LED Amount




Input Voltage

AC95V~AC265V 50Hz/60Hz

Light Color


Light Decay

Less than 5% after 1000 hours constant work

Color temperature


Luminous Flux



≥30,000 Hours

Beam Angle




Working Environment


Working Humidity


Storage condition


Product Standard

CE certificated and ROHS compliant


LED Information

The advantages & benefits of LED lighting
Why bother with LED lighting? "Normal" lights have served us faithfully for generations. But they rely on fragile filaments and glass tubes to produce their light, technology first invented way back in the nineteenth century. Technology has taken some giant leaps forward since then and tiny Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are now set to become a standard source of illumination for the 21st Century.

What's So Fantastic About LED's? Why all the fuss?

    Switching to low energy, solid state lighting benefits the environment. The low power requirements of LED light sources make them ideal for self-contained, solar or wind powered installations, particularly in remote locations. LEDs consume far less energy than standard light bulbs, leading to greatly reduced energy costs. LEDs also require far less energy to manufacture than other light sources, reducing their environmental impact even further. ECONOMY:
    Despite their initial high price, the use of LED lighting can offer significant cost savings over time, not only in terms of reduced energy consumption, but maintenance as well. LONG LIFE:
    Even in hostile conditions, the typical working life of an LED can be several tens of thousands of hours; most domestic bulb filaments expire after just a couple of thousand hours and even compact fluorescent lamps come nowhere near the working life of LEDs. Also, LEDs don't suddenly burn out - they slowly fade over time, giving ample opportunity to plan replacements (which will be rare several years with normal use and possibly even decades). Even at the end of its working life, an LED will still be giving some light. STRENGTH & RELIABILITY:
    The filament in a normal bulb is a very fragile object, easily broken by a sudden shock or "soft" drop. An LED is encased in virtually unbreakable high strength optical grade resin. There is no glass or filament to break, making LED light sources perfect for rugged or demanding environments, or installations where access is difficult. IMPROVED SAFETY AND SECURITY:
    The low heat and low voltages associated with LEDs make them a far safer source of light. No glass to break, no white-hot filament, no flames and no noxious fumes. DESIGN FLEXIBILITY:
    The intrinsically safe nature of LEDs combined with their long term reliability and minute size, mean that they can be built into the fabric of almost any structure or object. Imagine a stairway, lit by its handrail; or a room illuminated by the furniture. With LEDs, anything can become a source of light and they offer designers and architect a lighting tool of unprecedented versatility.


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