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Supply high quality OEM cable bridge

Price: US $ 0 - 1 / Meter
Brand Name: chenglong
Model Number: TFW
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Aug 19,2011

Product Description: Supply high quality OEM cable bridge

 Depending on the construction environment the following categories:Cascade-type (T), tray (P), trough (C), combined (ZH), a large span of type (DJ) five.Surface treatment process are: electrostatic spray, hot dip galvanizing, cold galvanizing, etc.. Flame retardant cable ladder and organic materials.Materials to customer requirements according to the environment or use: steel, stainless steel plateSelection of cable ladder design:1, determine the environmental conditions: Environmental conditions generally have the general environment, corrosive environment, the special circumstances.2, determine the trend: According to the majority of cable in the room could be along the wall, beams, columns and floor set up, without relying on pipe rack, only self-pillar.3, load calculation: Calculate the backbone cable ladder vertical section (that is, to Section) on the weight per unit length of cable, without regard to the laying of cables on the bridge when the construction workers standing on the weight factor.4, determine the width of bridge: According to measurement of load, to determine the type and specifications of cable ladder , care arm length, backbone length and spacing, but also according to the root of the number of cables to determine the cable tray layers.5, determine the installation method: According to the environmental conditions around the cable ladder   to determine the fixed, suspended, vertical, side arm or a hybrid.6,cable ladder across the region vulnerable to external damage and sun areas, should use protective cover.cable ladder  has the following advantages:This product works in your rapidly facilitate the installation and ensure safety.Simplify the engineering equipmentEasy to install devicesMake your installation of the economyCan choose a variety of different specifications to meet load requirementsHigh load capacityInstallation without special toolsCan choose different surface processesCustomers can choose according to their different environment types of cable ladder  specifications.

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Laizhou City Chenglong Anticorrosive Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. Susan Han

Contact Phone:0086-535-2616052

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