Ananas woolen

Price: US $ 5.1 - 5.35 / Meter
Brand Name: Shiyun
Model Number: SYBL171108
Post Date: Jun 27,2012

Product Description: Ananas woolen

   Jiangyin Shiyun Knitted Woolen Mill Product ListNO.CommodityComponentSquare GramsInchesPriceUSD1Roman JerseyW:10% P:50% A:40%150gsm66"/67" 29719W:45% P:55%373gsm57"/58" 3HanYa WoolenW:53% P:47%487gsm57"/58" 4HanZhu WoolenW:32% P:68%453gsm57"/58" 5Fashion WoolenW:32% P:68%360gsm57"/58" 6QuanQuan WoolenW:20% P:50% A:30%486gsm57"/58" 7w/p Double-faced ClothW:50% P:50%333gsm57"/58" 8MaoJin JerseyW:50% N:50%118gsm67"/68" 9HuaAo WoolenW:40% P:60%400gsm57"/58" 10ShiZhuang WoolenW:40% P:60%287gsm57"/58" 11MaoJin Cotton clothW:90% N:10%304gsm57"/58" 12MaoJin Cotton clothW:75% N:25%304gsm57"/58" 13Star WoolenW:35% P:30% V:35%420gsm57"/58" 14Double-face WoolenW:70% P:10% N:20%385gsm50"/52" 15AoYun WoolenW:38% P:62%333gsm57"/58" 16ShuangAo WoolenW:38% P:62%480gsm57"/58" 17JinLi WoolenW:40% P:60%467gsm57"/58" 18MiLan WoolenW:42% P:58%300gsm57"/58" 19silversilk BeiLing NapW:35% W:30% V:35%413gsm57"/58" 20The Cotton WoolW:100%324gsm57"/58" 21Woolen JerseyW:100%219gsm62"/64" 22JuFeng WoolW:25% P:35% V:40%433gsm57"/58" 23Roman fabricW:35% P:65%433gsm57"/58" 24Boiled Wool-AW:50% V:50%331gsm57"/58" 25all-woolen Boiled WoolW:100%331gsm57"/58" 26Boiled Wool-BW:40% V:60%359gsm57"/58" 27Wool/Rayon boiled wool-1W:60% V:40%400gsm57"/58" 28Boiled Wool-CW:50% V:50%400gsm57"/58" 29Wool/Rayon boiled wool-2W:40% V:60%400gsm57"/58" 30Boiled Wool-DW:100%400gsm57"/58" 31Boiled Wool-EW:40% V:60%414gsm57"/58" 32Silversilk boiled woolW:100%429gsm57"/58" 33Silversilk yili woolW:38% P:62%400gsm57"/58" 34YiLi WoolenW:38% P:62%400gsm57"/58" 35Aotai woolenW:35% P:65%433gsm57"/58" 36 particle woolen-AW:55% P:45%388gsm 62"/64" 37 particle woolen-BW:55% P:45%388gsm62"/64" 38 particle woolen-CW:55% P:45%388gsm62"/64" 39 Alpaca FiberW:40% P:60%420gsm57"/58" 40Qiandao Woolen W:70% P:30% 453gsm57"/58" 41Alpaca Circle WoolenW:50% P:50%453gsm57"/58" 42Napping Alpaca FiberW:45% P:55%300gsm57"/58" 43NanZhuang fabricT:75% R:25%230gsm55"/56" 44Jacquard  fiberPET:100%  267gsm55"/56"  45

Discus the wool

 w:22%P:57%N:10% A:10.5 SP:0.5% 433gsm57"/58" 46Ananas woolenW:30% P:70%  460gsm 57"/58"  

some quantity of colors showed in the picture in stock, accept small order


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Jiangyin Shiyun Knitting Wool Fabric Factory

Sales:Ms. Amy Miao

Contact Phone:086-0510-86123388

Main Products:Fabric,knitting fabric,wool fabric,knitted fabric,woolen fabri


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