IGBT 1000KW medium frequency furnace

Price: US $ 5,600 - 85,000 / Set
Brand Name: kehua
Model Number: Melting Fuanace
Post Date: Jun 27,2012

Product Description: IGBT 1000KW medium frequency furnace


1,Equipment introduction:
A new generation of IGBT auxiliary IGBT frequency power supply intermediate frequency electric furnace for alloy steel, cast iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys melting, holding, using graphite crucible can also be used for the gold, silver, silicon, FeSi, Si-Al, nickel aluminum, zinc and aluminum, zinc, tin and other metal smelting. IGBT Medium Frequency Furnace fast, energy-saving effect is good, burning with low power consumption. Self-mixing function, melting temperature and metal composition uniformity. Electric heating a good working environment. Start-up performance is good, air furnace, full stove can reach 100% to start. Strict design, procurement, manufacturing, testing and other links for equipment to ensure the finished product high-performance. IGBT Medium Frequency Furnace is widely used in metallurgy industry, foundry industry, forging industry, heat treatment industry, petroleum machinery industry, coal mining machinery industry, pipe industry, heat treatment industries. etc.

2, equipment consists of:
IGBT Medium Frequency control power supply, capacitor cabinets, water distributor, furnace (aluminum or steel), mechanical tilting furnace device (hydraulic tilting furnace installation), crucible mold (graphite crucible, iron crucible), water-cooled cables, connectors copper bars, etc.

3, supporting optional equipment:
Water cooling systems, high voltage switchboard, into the line transformer, changing furnace switch, leaking furnace alarm device, lining ejection devices, etc.
Energy Consumption:  Compared with  KGPS IF power supply, The IGBT IF power supply in the same specification can save electric power more than 20%, and the  Functional Factor above 0.98%.

Technical Parameter of Induction Melting Furnace:



Model Capacity Rate PowerInput VoltageWorking Freq.Melting rate Power ConsumptionTransformer CapacityTonKwVHzT/HKw.h/t KvaGW-S-0.250.2520038010000.2700250GW-S-0.350.3525038010000.3700315GW-S-0.50.535038010000.35670400GW-S-0.750.7545038010000.5670500GW-S-1170038010000.7670800GW-S-1.51.59006605001.26101000GW-S-2211006605001.46101250GW-S-33200066050026102000GW-S-5530009503003.55603150GW-S-1010400095030055604000GW-S-1515500095030065606300


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