ES-manufacturer, Burn fat fast weight loss device, loss weight liposuction device

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Brand Name: ESINO
Model Number: ES-LW10
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Aug 14,2011

Product Description: ES-manufacturer, Burn fat fast weight loss device, loss weight liposuction device

Features:1, there are 10 different levels of intensity can be adjusted and well-designed body sculpting six groups of different modes (Intelligent mode)2, 4 LED indicators.3, built-in timer, the normal starting off automatically after 12 minutes.4, 3 seconds after the normal start no contact with the skin automatically return to the start state, there is no button for 20 seconds turned off automatically.5 muscles electrical pulse generated when the work unit.6, after power, press ON / HIGHER key muscles to work units, the intensity level 1, mode MODE A.7, when in standby mode with no load but when retested within 20 seconds of contact with good skin, will automatically enter the first level models.Advantage:    * Directed weight loss: fat reduction which where, waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs, arms, any position of rejection of fat weight.    * Results are obvious: swinging through the fast of the fat in fat, so fat accumulation at the size reduction, and shapely.    * Very convenient: you sit, lie, stand, or watching television, using computers can be used at any time.    * Easy to carry: small size, light weight, you can carry in a backpack.   With "speed thin instrument" from the gym to lose weight do not, do not diet. Allows you to work, shopping, watching TV, doing housework ... any time, any place can use. Not only the lower abdomen, with thighs, arms, buttocks Any one can use parts of obesity. Xiangshou where where to thin! Set of products include:  a host;  standard two thin electrode patches;  standard two CR2032 coin-type lithium batteries. Detailed instructions1) Open the battery cover and two CR2032 button batteries into the battery compartment, positive side up, close the battery cover.2) connected to the host, respectively, on two circular conductive patch.3) the conductive paste in the corresponding massage patch site.4) Press the ON / UP button once to open the host. At this point the host is in standby mode, patch no pulse output (indicator light, but not flashing). Press this key to output the first level. Repeat ON / UP to increase the output intensity, by OFF / DOWM, reduce the output intensity. Repeatedly pressing the OFF / DOWN, the output intensity will be decreased in order, until the standby mode, the last shutdown.Note: The product is very simple, only three control buttons to operate, and the program will run automatically when you select a good training site, turn on the power, regulate the intensity of the program will automatically after 12 minutes, 12 minutes after the automatic stop if the You want to continue, please re-open. Note must be close to the skin when used with, the use of the latter, two minutes, there may be varying degrees of discomfort reaction (such as itching, numbness, sweating), and other feelings are a normal reaction.Detailed , indicator lights and controlsFour LED lights: L1, L2, L3, L4;An ON / HIGHER key can be used as the key and increase the strength of keys;An OFF / LOWER key, can be used as the power off button and reduce the strength of keys;A MODE button, six operating modes can be used (MODE A / B / C / D / E / F) of the switch.B, control key functions1, ON / HIGHERPress this key in the boot mode, this key functions as the ON button to use. After power is turned on (LED lit, not flashing). Pressing this key muscles to work unit, this time as a strength, then use the key as HIGHER key, click on this button to add an intensity level, press to achieve the maximum strength level 10. LED brightness increases with the intensity level from dark to light.2, OFF / LOWERReduce the intensity, each reduced to a level reduced to one, and then this button is switched on, and then press to post-close. Auto power off; operation or 3 seconds after 12 minutes no contact with the skin off after 20 seconds.3, MODEThis key is used to select the operating mode: MODE A / MODE B / MODE C / MODE D / MODE E / MODE F. Mode selection through the off to the bright LED that is turned on when:MODE A: L1 L2 off light L3 L4 off offMODE B: L1 L4 off off off L2 L3 lightMODE C: L1 L2 bright light off L3 L4 offMODE D: L1 L2 off off off L3 L4 lightMODE E: L1 L2 off off off L3 L4 lightMODE F: L1 L4 off bright light L2 L3 offProducts: electrical performanceA. Operating voltage range :2.6-3 .3 VB. Current consumption (3.0V)Mode A: 10 ~ 40μAMode B: 10 ~ 250μAMode C: 10 ~ 250μAMode D: 10 ~ 250μAMode E: 10 ~ 250μAMode F: 10 ~ 250μANote1. This product does not apply to patients with heart disease and cancer patients.2. Do not use this product during pregnancy.3. Do not put on his head.4. When there is bleeding (acute tumor); Do not use just after surgery because of muscle contractions that may affect wound healing.Do not mix with the following medical electronic devices used in conjunction with:1) The use of pacemakers and body type of medical electronic equipment were buried;2) the use of pacemakers and artificial heart and lung medical electronic equipment are to continue life;3) the use of ECG equipment, and medical electronic equipment are worn;Disabled people1) malignant tumor2) menstrual period and pregnant women3) heart disease can not be placed near the heart4) fever above 38 degrees5), abnormal skin6) The following parts of the body: mouth, eye, skin trauma affected area, do not use this product7) Do not use simultaneously with other therapy   

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Shenzhen Esino Technology Ltd.

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