Nanoscale energy saving products for reducing noxious emissions

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Post Date: Jun 26,2012

Product Description: Nanoscale energy saving products for reducing noxious emissions

Introduction of Nanoscale energy saving products for reducing noxious emissions

Dunba Nano Fuel-saving & maintaining Fluid is an energy saving environmental protection product, produced by technical equipment with our own intellectual property rights (Patent No. ZL200810032849.1). 


Mixed different nano lubricant additives in the lubricating oil after 24 hours,

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Four Major Features

Fast: engine working environment improved, noise and vibration reduced, and power enhanced in 15 minutes.

Powerful: triple protection including inner reinforced, surface repaired and outer wear proofed by Nano-particles.

Environmental: reduce exhaust particles and smoke emissions.

No side effects: it is suitable for long-term use of various cars, without any adverse effects or side effects.


Nine Major Functions

Efficiency improvement: significantly improve the efficiency of mechanical transmission, increase the effective power output and improve the bearing capacity of vehicles.

Scuffing reduction: 80%-90% reductions in engine wear and tear; still provide superior protection under the conditions of lubrication system failure or non-oil.

Fast start: superior lubrication function can significantly reduce the friction coefficient and improve the initial rotation speed.

Auto repair: wear and tear repaired dynamically, engine life extended 2-3 times.

Noise reduction: effectively reduce engine noise and vibration.

Corrosion prevention: prevent friction parts from corrosive pitting.

Power strengthening: restore the engine cylinder pressure. Power increase by 5%-35%.

Fuel saving: 5%-25% consumption saved.

Environmentally friendly: improve oil burning, blue smoke and other conditions, to reduce exhaust particles by 20%-30% and smoke emissions by 50%.


Two Major Breakthroughs

Auto repaired: put engine maintenance into practice by auto repaired using Nano-particles.

Three in one: maintaining, repairing and fuel-saving simultaneously.



The product can be easily and stably dispersed in all kinds of lubrication fluid. The main effect of this product is fuel-saving and engine-maintaining. The product is suitable for all kinds of large vehicles power and transmission systems.


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