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LED Watch support Displaying Month and Date with 72 Super Bright

Price: 1
Brand Name: CNA
Model Number: LED Lights G82
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Aug 11,2011

Product Description: LED Watch support Displaying Month and Date with 72 Super Bright

China Manufacturer SpecificationsMain Function: Japanese-inspired red and yellow LED digital watchScreen: Vertical and horizontal LED lights for time and date display in binary codeBracelet: -Material: Textured leather - Length: ~ 190 mm with 8 holes for wrist adjustmentClasp: Standard buckle typeFunction Buttons (right-side): - Top (hour and date display + select) - Button (change mode)Settings: Time, Date, Display frequencyPower: CR2032 (x2) pre-installed Product NotesReading Binary Code: Binary numeralng leftwas are read from right to left. Starting from the most right position and movird, each binary place value corresponds to the decimal number, namely 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and so on. There are only two binary numerals: 0 and 1. Binary 0 means you don't add the decimal place value. Binary 1 means you do add the decimal place value to your running count. As such if you wanted to represent the decimal number 10 in binary, you would write 1010 (There is a binary digit of 1 in the "2" and "8" decimal number positions. Therefore, the sum of "2" and "8" is "10"). If this is difficult to understand, Wikipedia is also a good resource for understanding binary numbers.Similar LED watches sell on the Internet for over 10x the Chinavasion price, simply google "Japanese LED Watch" to see for yourself.Press the top button to display the time on demand or else the watch will by default automatically flash the time every 6-10 minutes (this feature can be turned off).This watch is not waterproofPackage ContentsCNA-G86 Red and Yellow LED WatchUser Manual - EnglishAttractive Gift BoxFAQ - Frequently Asked QuestionsHow do I change the time and date on this watch?Press the lower button on the right side of the watch. This will cause the current setting to blink. Continue pressing the lower button until you arrive at the setting you want to change. Next, press the top button to change the information.What type of batteries does this watch use?This Japanese LED watch uses two CR2032 watch batteries. Other names this type of battery goes by are button cell, silver button cell, or coin cell batteries.How long will the batteries last?The batteries should last longer than with a normal watch since time and date information is only displayed when you want.Is this a Tokyo Flash watch? No, it is better because it costs almost 1/10th the price of a Tokyo Flash watch and is also backed by Chinavasion's famous 12 month warranty.Why is this watch called The Singularity?Singularities are examples of extreme instances where the classical rules of physics get thrown out the door. For example, objects with infinite mass and zero volume. Overall, singularities are infinitely fascinating. As are the wearers of this watch.You mentioned that this watch is perfect for aXXo, fans of the Torchwood British TV series, fans of the JPOP supergroup Perfume, The Twitterati, or the Illuminati. What if I don't belong to one of these groups?This watch is also perfect for beatboxers, Beastie Boys, hippies, Colecovision owners, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. fans, Soundcloud musicians, and anyone who's ever finished reading James Joyce's Ulysses without skipping parts.

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