High Temperature Fiberglass PTFE Adhesive Tape,China manufacture

Price: US $ 10.5 - 11.5 / Square Met
Brand Name: YALY
Model Number: PF1080
Post Date: Jun 25,2012

Product Description: High Temperature Fiberglass PTFE Adhesive Tape,China manufacture

Teflon tape



1. Teflon PTFE silicone tape is well known as its smooth surface, omen teflon coated fiberglass cloth with high-temperature , pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive . Top side provide good characteristics of PTFE , such as electrical  characteristics , heat resistance , chemical resistance ,low friction coneffcient and non-adhesiveness. Flame resistance make by insulating material can environmen protection, print and painting, costume ,chemcal, glass manufacture, medical, electronic, insulation, buding (basic cloth of topping frame0., sharpener slice, machinery, ect.


2. application 

PTFE silicone tape is widely applied

a. aircraft industry.

b.paper manufacture.


d.environmen protection.

e. print and painting ,costume, chemical, glass manufacture, medical ,medical,electronic, insulation, building (basic cloth of topping frame),sharpener slice, machinery.


3.color: brown white black


4.Backing:  fiberglass




6.Thickness:0.08mm 0.13mm 0.18mm 0.25mm


7.Temperature Resistance : -70°c-260°c


specification ItemThicknessMax WidthAdhesion to steelTensile Strength Temperature Resistanceomen-F70080.08mm1250mm22N/100mm900N/100mm  -70°c-260°comen-F70130.13mm1250mm28N/100mm1700N/100mm  -70°c-260°comen-F70180.18mm1250mm48N/100mm 2750N/100mm -70°c-260°comen-F70250.25mm1250mm62N/100mm 3650N/100mm  -70°c-260°c

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Guangzhou Honghu Adhesive Materials Technology Co., Ltd.


Contact Phone:86-20-86176005

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