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    Aloe Vera Extract 100:1Scientific Names: Aloe vera L. Forms: Dried leaf latex; dry extract of aloe latex; leaf acemannan hydrogel; aloe gel. Traditional Usage:       - Anal fissures (latex) - Antibacterial (gel) - Anti-diarrheal (latex) - Antifungal (gel) - Antinflammatory (gel and latex) - Antimicrobial (gel and latex) - Antiretroviral (gel) - Antiviral (gel) - Burns (gel) - Cankers (acemannan hydrogel) - Cellular Regeneration (gel and latex) - Cleansing (gel and latex) - Constipation (latex) - Detoxifying (gel and latex) - Hemorrhoids (latex) - HIV (acemannan hydrogel) - Hyperglycemia (gel) - Laxative (latex) - Pre and Post Operative Cleansing (latex) - Psoriasis (gel) - Skin Wounds and Sores (gel) - Ulcers (gel) Active Ingredients:       Aloe dried latex contains: Approximately 13-27% aloins A and B (barbaloin, aloin, and glucosyl diastereoisomers of aloe-emodin anthrone). Aside from aloinosides A and B, other hydroxyanthracene derivatives are also present. 5-hydroxyaloin is characteristic of Cape aloes while 7- hydroxyaloin is found in Barbados aloe; small amounts of anthraquinones including aloe-emodin and chrysophanol. Chromone derivatives including 25-40% aloeresins A and B and smaller amounts C. Aloenin B (aloenin A and p-coumaroyl-glucose); p-coumaric acid methyl ester also occurs. Aloe gel contains: water; polysaccharides including acemannan; fatty acids including gamma linolenic acid; prostaglandins; salicylic acid; saponins; sterols; vitamins E and C; minerals including zinc; 20 amino acids (out of 22 required by the human body); and lectins. Description:Typical Extracts Specification:Product Name: Aloe Vera Extract,Typical Specification: 10:1 20:1 100:1Part Used: Aloe vera "extract" is made by pulverizing the whole leaves of the plant. Aloe juice is made from the inner leaf. Common Use: Aloe supplements can be used for peptic ulcers and for gastro-intestinal health. Aloe has a moisturizing effect on the skin and is a common remedy for sunburn and skin irritation. Often used direct form the flowerpot in the treatment of minor burns and wounds. To make a salve; remove the thin outer skin and process the leaves in a blender, add 500 units of vitamin C powder to each cup and store in refrigerator. Care: Keep in sandy soil that is well drained. Potted plants need filtered sun or full shade.If there are any questions or need sample, pleaseCONTACT US NOW:Organic Herb Inc.ATTN: Arene/Sales manager   Mobile: +86 15874012474Fax: +86-731-2967861

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