Available for borewell/open well/deep well water pump manufacturers

Price: US $ 566 - 943 / Set
Brand Name: SHENWU
Model Number: 200QJ50-78/6
Post Date: Jun 24,2012

Product Description: Available for borewell/open well/deep well water pump manufacturers

  Available for borewell/open well/deep well  water pump manufacturers


This pumps have big flow and high lift design, widely used for the irrigation for agricultural land,use in borehole,deep well,open well, the water supply and sewage for industrial and mining enterprises, and the water utilization for the people and animals in altiplano and mountain area. Have ISO9001 certification.

 QJ submersible pump parameter
Flow range:10~500m3/h

Lift scope: 10~600m

Well diameter scope:175~400mm

Temperature range:15~80° C.

 Products Overview

 QJ Series submersible pumps widely used in deep well, farmland irrigation, spray irrigation and water-use, industrial and civil buildings, also the drainage system to level hills, mountain diversion and in low-lying areas dunes, urban and rural mining supply, drainage and other water conservancy facilities. Characteristics are that

they are assembled into a simple structure they have installation convenience a small footprint, simple maintenance and a safe reliable operation. 

Product use conditions

1.380 V bias voltage does not exceed + -5% and 50 HZ frequency, and the deviation is not more than + -1% of

   the three-phase power supply.

2. Electrical cavity must fill water.

3. The first-class pump impeller should at least go into the dynamic water level 2 m below surface. Static pump 

 unit immersed under water shall not be greater than 70 m.

4. Electrical from the bottom of the bottom of the well shall be not less than 3 m.

5. The water temperature no higher than 20 ° C, QJR-temperature hot water pump up to 80 ° C

6. Water and sand content (by mass) of not more than 0.01%

7. Water PH 6.5-8.5

8. The hydrogen sulfide in water content is not more than 1.5 mg / L

9. Water should ensure continued operation of the pump needs


Impeller:Cast iron HT200,or tin bronze,such as ZCuSn3Zn8Pb6Ni1

Pump bowl:Cast iron HT200,or stainless steel,such as 2Gr13.304

Pump shaft :Cold-drawn steel with chrome plating,or stainless steel 2Gr13(1050 thermal refining ,enhancent torsional moment)

Motor Seal:Rubber O-ring seal,mechanical seal

Motor regulating sleeve:rubber.

Structure feature


Pump:The pump is installed on the upper part of the pump units.It's centrifugal and has water lubricated bearing mounted with the motor shaft by a joint.


There is a check valve on top of the pump which could prevent rapaid inverse rotation from backword flow.The pump unit should be immersed below the dynamic water lever when in using.


Motor:The motor is installed under the pump.


It is a water filled in hermatical structure.The stator windings are water-tight and PE insulating and multi-layers are covered with nylon.


The motor bearing is water-lubricated.The inner motor contains clean water to cool the water body and the bearing.


The rubber diaphgram adjusts the pressure change caused when temperature rises.

There is a sand resistance system in the upper part of the motor.


Advanced equipment


Pump parts




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