aseptic bag in steel drum aseptic bags for litch juice

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Product Description: aseptic bag in steel drum aseptic bags for litch juice


aseptic bag in steel drum aseptic bags for litch juice 


The aseptic bags are widely used in the fruit juice ,paste packaging industry, especially for the liquid packaging. The sterilized food will be filled into the aseptic bags under an aseptic working environment. The product in the aseptic bags will have a long time self life at the normal temperature without adding any preservative or storage in a chiller


1.Definition of aseptic bag


Aseptic bag is a polyethylene granules as raw materials, clean environment by blown film, cutting, hot sealing, vacuum packing, sterilization process production out of a new high-tech packaging materials.


2.Use of aseptic bag


Aseptic bag with its sterile, non-toxic, good low temperature resistance performance, and good chemical stability and electrical insulation performance, which has been widely used in a sterile solid apis, sterile pharmaceutical raw materials, sterile products and other products of transport and temporary, and sterile stopper from cleaning process of filling line to transfer packaging. In addition, in the food industry, sterile bag with cardboard, aluminum foil composed food packaging containers, of which over the entire bag weighs sterile packaging 20% the left and right sides, the main block leakage of liquid and the role of the microbial attack.


3.Production environment and process of aseptic bag


According to the new standard of GMP, aseptic bag production environment needs to be in a class C and above level within the clean workshop. The cleanliness and workshop need to shop in the dust particles and the settlement of the number of bacteria and grading. A level is the highest, the higher the level, the bag dust particles and the settlement of the number of bacteria, the less. Sterile bag production process are divided into blown film, cutting, hot sealing bag making, vacuum packing, sterilization.


Blown film: first open shop in air purification system, and on the workshop, operation personnel disinfection, make the operation environment to set the standards, the purified polyethylene granules in certain temperatures are blown film; Cutting: blown film later got tubular membrane according to the customer request size cutting to different sizes film canister; Heat sealing bag making: the heat sealing machine on membrane tube for sealing; Vacuum packing: after sealing the sterile bags according to certain amount of multilayer vacuum packaging; Sterilisation: will pack a good sterile bag on gamma ray sterilization, in order to achieve the sterility of the product requirements. The essence of sterile bag is a kind of plastic bags, although people's traditional concept that bag production technology is very simple, the technical content is low. But if you want to reach national standard, the administration's the quality indexes and the sterility of the GMP requirements, its production process is complicated, need every production detail is considered to cleanliness and sterile technical requirements.


4.The market of aseptic bag


At present, TetraPak (translated name in for "TaiTeLa palmer", the domestic says "we") and SIGCombiloc (domestic generally called "sig le") also produce food with "aseptic bag", but the sterile bags and above mentioned sterile bag are two concepts, the standard also is different, one is in food, for e. coli bacteria only required for zero, other bacteria number does not require; One is medicinal, all bacteria required for the zero. And domestic production is sterile bag at the beginning stage, along with the promulgation of the new GMP, pharmaceutical packaging material to put forward the more strict requirements, it is no doubt to market a sterile bag of the survival of the fittest test, we are looking forward to the sterile bag with the aid of this market opportunity can be perfect








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