Ultrasonic automatic bag making machine

Price: US $ 0 - 99,999 / Set
Brand Name: Huajuan
Model Number: hj200-8
Post Date: Jun 24,2012

Product Description: Ultrasonic automatic bag making machine

1,Automatic bag machine of shopping bag .

2. the computer control program, photoelectric detection devices

3, can add two color printing organization

4.and replaceable mould manufacturing different sizes of products, product sizes from 400 blast-caused/m * * * * * * * * 600-320m/m

The machine adopts aluminium alloy, solid structure, beautiful doesn't rust

5, high stability, low failure rate

Function: The machine is used for making nonwoven environmental bag, it is a full-automatic machine on the whole working process to save labour force.

Model: HJ200-8

Size: 5000*1200*2150mm

The sixe of bag:400*200~600*320mm
Output: 50pcs/min


Power consumption: 4.8KW



Features: 1.It can make bag with different size by changing mold.

2. High output and low failure rate.

3. The computer program control and photoelectric detection make it have a high reliability and low failure rate.

4. The amchine is made of aluminum alloy which makes it  beautiful,prevents from rust and has a small size.

5. Can add the two colours’ printing equipment.


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