2.4G wireless mini keyboard touch pad (mouse) + Laser Pointer 3-one

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Post Date: Aug 06,2011

Product Description: 2.4G wireless mini keyboard touch pad (mouse) + Laser Pointer 3-one

2.4G wireless mini keyboard touch pad (mouse) + Laser Pointer 3-one Package Contents:     gift box packaging, keyboard, receiver, USB cable, instruction manual Application:     Apply to the meeting, teaching training, lectures, with a large computer screen, HTPC and projector to use, you can remote control in the 30M range, interactive, and convenient. # Suitable for home theater, car computer entertainment, UPMC, tablet PCs, web browsing, can be manipulated any direction, comfort, freedom. There Laser Pointer function Gift packaging, gift quality goods for personal use! Color: black Cikuan is also the first keyboard also apply to Windows Media Center, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and other gaming media platforms. Features:  Triple function wireless4 keyboard (keyboard, touch pad, laser pen)  uses 2.4G wireless technology4  Built-in backlight4  multimedia4 control keys  Built-in4 rechargeable lithium battery  QWERTY keyboard, full-function4 mini-  buckle-in mini4 receiver Charging time: 3.5 ~ 4 hours Standby: 500 ~ 700 hours The effect of opening the backlight Specifications:  size: 151mm x 59mm x 12.5mm / 64 'x 2.4' x 0.5 '  Weight: 100g / 0.22 poud4 4 Operating Temperature: -10 ° C - 55 ° C  Battery: Built-in lithium4 battery 4 Standby time: 500 - 700 hours  Working range: 30 meters / 1004 feet 4 transmit power: Max +4 dBm  Operating Voltage: 3.3V4  Operating4 Current: <80mA  charging voltage: 4.2v - 5.05v4  charge current:4 <300mA System requirements:  Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 74 4 Mac OS 10.x or lower  Linux (Debian 3.1 / Redhat 9.04 / Ubuntu 8.10 / Fedora 7.0) Must look at the following powerful features: * With LED backlight in dark environment can still see keys. * With Laser Pointer features (this is not usually done in the mouse right) * There FN function switch, where individuals find it interesting that there are two: one is Ctrl + Alt + Del (to share with the Enter key), the other is to switch to horizontal or vertical touch pad use (FN + ALT). * Touch pad used in conjunction with the left button, drag the mouse functions can be realized (method: Hold down the left button and hold the touch pad on the selected target and drag) Although the keyboard looks a bit like the handle, but with a bit of a game console manufacturer's association has not, so there is no way uses the staff to operate equipment as a physical sense to use. This fact, this keyboard is not in itself a true wireless devices, but it brought a 2.4 Ghz wireless transceiver, a wireless transceiver and the computer can be connected, wireless on-line distance is about 30 meters, the within battery is fully charged under construction can be used about a month, users can directly connect the computer USB charging cable. Specifications, this mini-keyboard, a total of 69 backlit buttons, in the dark environment can still see keys. Its size is 6 x 2.3 x 0.5 inches, weighs 103 grams. As the size of the reduction of this keyboard into a FN key combination function can be seen in the keyboard to the top F1-F8, with a combination of keys for multimedia player can fast forward, backward, play / pause functions. The right side of the touchpad on the keyboard to a mouse, trackball function, very strong. pictures:

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