Steel & Aluminum coil rolling coating production line

Price: US $ 500,000 - 1,200,000 / Se
Brand Name: Fenghang
Model Number: FH461
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Aug 05,2011

Product Description: Steel & Aluminum coil rolling coating production line

Detailed Product Description As the Gold supplier, we are wholly in charge of the project, including design, fabricating, installing, commision, serivaces after selling, quality warranty. The following is for your reference, we can design according to your requirement. The parameter of this color coating line.1. Raw material requirements: hot galvanized sheet,CR,HR2. Weight of raw coil: max18000kg/coil (weight at decoiling) 3. Weight of final coil: max7000kg/coil (weight at coiling) 4. Inner diameter of the coil: D508orD610mm5. Outer diameter of the steel coil: outer diameter at decoiling: 800-2100mm, outer diameter at coiling: 800-1700mm 6. Thickness of raw steel plate: 0.15-1.25mm7. Width of steel plate: ≤1500mm (choose width within this range according to customer's requirement)8. Line speed: 20-180m/min (choose line speed within this range according to customer's requirement) 9. Energy: electric, natural gas, diesel oil, liquefied gas, propane (pressure force: 50-100Mbar) (choose energy type according to the local energy requirement of customers') 10. Roller coating process: coating: continuous twice coating and drying on top side or both sides (laminated film system can be chosen: dry film laminating) 11. Thickness of color coating: thickness of dry film on base coating can be 8~10μm (wet film is about 15~20μm). Thickness of dry film on top coating can be 10~20μm (wet film is 20~40μm). 12. Normal Coil coating: polyester, silicium changed polyester, polyurethane, epoxy, alkyd resin, acrylic resin, solution-type acrylic resin, PVC, polyvinylidene, etc.13. Geology conditions: 0~500 above sea level; temperature of environment: 0~56oC, Relative moisture: Max. 90%, Min. 15%14. Scope of product application: indoor decorating plate, furniture, ceiling of factory, external wall, external wall of decorating plate of modern building, chemical container, all transportation tools, such as boats, automobile etc.. processing steps:Coil loading→Decoiler1#,2#→Entry Pinch Roll1#→Entry Pinch Roll2#→Crop Shears1#,2#→Stitcher→Flattening Machine→S-roll Tension Bridle1#→Entry Accumulator→S-roll Tension Bridle2#→Pre-degreasing→Roller Brushing→Degreasing→Water Cleaning1#→Water Cleaning2#→Pure Water Cleaning3#→Hot Air Blowing1#→Centering Device1#→Chemiacal Coater→Chemical Drying Oven→S-roll Tension Bridle3#→Prime Coater→Prime Drying Oven→Wind,Mist and Water Cooling→Centering Device2#→Hot Air Blowing2#→S-roll Tension Bridle4#→Deflector Roll→Centering Device3#→Finish Coater→Finish Drying Oven→Wind,Mist and Water Cooling→Centering Device4#→Hot Air Blowing3#→S-roll Tension Bridle5#→Exit Accumulator→S-roll Tension Bridle6#→Exit Shear3#→Exit Pinch Roll3#→Recoiler with EPC(belt wrapper) →Unloading Car→Coil Unloading  

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Shanghai Fenghang Industrial Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd.

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