IPL System For Skin Rejuvenation And Hair Removal With Medical CE and ISO

Price: US $ 1,000 - 50,000 / Piece
Brand Name: DYM or OEM
Model Number: DYM - 880
Post Date: Jun 23,2012

Product Description: IPL System For Skin Rejuvenation And Hair Removal With Medical CE and ISO

Mini IPL Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Equipment


Working Principle for IPL :

IPL(Intense Pulsed Light) of special spectrum results in heat and photochemistry action, which could rearrange the collagen fiber and elastic fiber of the dermis, thus recovering the elasticity, and which could boost the function of deep vessel, and improve the circulation, achieving the diminishing or eliminating of wrinkle, lessening the pore.

The key to restrain hair to grow is to destroy accurately two elements of hair follicle ,which are hair protruding and hair caput. IPL depilation is based on the theory of optional light pyrogenation .It transmits intense pulse with the specific spectrum to penetrate cutis and arrive at the root of hair follicle .Its heat is conducted to the deep part of hair follicle through the section of hair haulm, which makes the temperature of hair follicle to rise

immediately, even make hair follicle to freeze and die ,so results in .


Application Range

Dispel thin wrinkle, string skin, shrink pores ,white skin;

Cure pigment pathological change: Freckle, age pigment, pigmentation ;

Cure blood vessel pathological change: red filariid, erythema, grog blossom;

Cure infective skin pathological change: acne;

Depilation: armpit hair, lip hair ,body hair ,bikini thread


Technical Specifications

Light Source:Intense Pilse Light

Wavelength: 530-1200nm,640-1200nm

Energy Density:0-50J/cm2

Pulse NO: 1-6

Pulse duration:1-45ms

Spot Sizes:8mm×40mm

Cooling system: wind & water

Electrial Requirements: 110V/220V 10A





1. After treatment:

Target tissue was decomposed and absorbed, but ambient normal tissue wouldn’t suffer any lesions and skin would be smooth and satiny.

Specification and functions

Spectrum:                 560~1200nm  (green button)

                                 640~1200nm(yellow button)

Energy density:    0~50J/cm2

Pulse width:      1-10ms(The max of first pulse and the second pulse width is 10ms ) 1-5ms(The max of the third and the other pulse width is 5ms)

The distance between 2 pulse width: 1~45ms

Repeat frequency:  1~4s

Pulse number:        1~6 s

Spots size:           8 mm×40mm

Cooling system:   Water closed & Semi-Conductor Cooling System.

Power supply:     220 V Ac    50Hz/60Hz

Size about     450mm×450mm×750mm (packaged)

Manual for use:

The controlling system is specially designed for IPL, with powerful functions, powerful anti-interfere ability, beautiful interface, and complete out-controlling system. It is really a good friend of IPL.

Supplier Details:

Beijing DYM Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. Kelly Sun

Contact Phone:86-10-84501232

Main Products:Skin Rejuvenation Equipment

Business type:Manufacturer


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