mobile water treatment equipment(1000LPH reverse osmosis water filter system)

Price: US $ 3,500 - 5,000 / Set
Brand Name: chunke
Model Number: RO-CK-1000L/H
Post Date: Jun 19,2012

Product Description: mobile water treatment equipment(1000LPH reverse osmosis water filter system)

mobile water treatment equipment (1000LPH reverse osmosis water filter system) 



   The company's CKRO series reverse osmosis device for electronics, electroplating,power plants, pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, food and beverage and printing industries to provide high quality water, reverse osmosis pure water technology is the most advanced, most economical, the most effective system of water technology,which is the use of ultra-thin film reverse osmosis membrane by water pressure, so that the water seepage from the high levels of salt to reverse the process of low salinity. Can remove most of the harmful substances, heavy metals, solids can be capacitive, only water molecules can only end through a reverse osmosis membrane water.


Typical process flow

Raw Water →Raw water supply pump→ Multi-medium filter→ Activated carbon filter→ softener→Micro filter→High-pressure pump→ Reverse osmosis→ pure water tank


Properties and characteristics

1) can continuous water making, without regeneration, reduce labor intensity

2) the original import reverse osmosis membrane, desalination rate reaches as high as 97% - 99%

3) removal organic and bacteria98%, heat source  above 98%.

4) online conductivity monitoring, ensure good effluent

5) PLC microcomputer monitoring, timing flush reverse osmosis membrane.


Technical parameters

1) produce a water yield: 0.3-100m3 / H

2) recovery: 60-75 percent

3) desalination rate: 97-99%

4) work pressure: 0.8-1.6 MPa

5) PLC/DCS/industrial PC control



1) Food and Beverages

2) Tube and Micro Circuit manufacturing

3) Pharmaceuticals

4) Hotels & Resorts

5) Hospitals, Mineral Water Processors

6) Power Generation

7) Electronic Component manufacturing

8) Semi conductors


Optional choice:

1)  RO membrane: Filmtec /USA Dow brand/CSM brand/Huitong brand

2)  Pump: Grundfos/FLECK

3)  UV sterilizer

4)  Chemical dosing system

5)  Water softener

6)  SS304 water tank

7)  Ozone generator

8)  Purolite Resin


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