Fully automatic new design hot laminater/laminator lamination machines

Price: US $ 60,000 - 300,000 / Set
Brand Name: Yangge Brand
Model Number: YGSJ-FM
Post Date: Jun 14,2012

Product Description: Fully automatic new design hot laminater/laminator lamination machines

Company profile:

Our company is Shandong Qilu Hua Shun Industrial Co., Ltd. Shantou presses branch is located in the South China Sea coast, good food, plastic machinery manufacturing base --- Shantou; Yang Ge with new management and staffing model, introduced with many years of presses the design, production of high-level personnel, to employ a senior expert guidance process; in introducing advanced Germany, Italy, Austria and Japan technology, based on independent research Salivation extrusion machine, double-sided laminating machine, high-speed Laminating machine, paper and plastic film compound machine, high speed coating machine, cutting machine, paper and plastic into a tube in the bonding and bag making machine and other products can be customized according to customer processes a variety of similar products.
      My company after the introduction, digestion, absorption and technological innovation, adhere to the technology-oriented, based on quality, service guidelines to ensure development of a high-tech software and hardware package high-speed extrusion laminating machine salivation. The company manufactures high-speed extruder YGFM series have YGFM double (three) co-extruded composite unit (ABA International distribution of the most advanced technology), YGFM multi-layer co-extrusion line aluminum extrusion laminating machine Paper, YGFM double Laminating printing coating extrusion laminating machine. The company manufactures high-speed extrusion laminating machine, it is widely used instant noodle packaging, food packaging, aseptic packaging of milk drink, boiling bags, toothpaste, sheets of composite materials, high-end digital photo paper, paper cups, paper, kraft paper and other kinds of packaging and product-sided, double-sided and multi-layer co-extruded composite lamination. Meanwhile, the company also has a number of engineering and economic management personnel, and has the rich experience of the technologist and the high-quality front-line workers and staff, Ke-based technology industry Ti Gong Zi Xun, technical services, technology development. The product performance, quality, material consumption and other technical indicators have reached the level of similar foreign products, products sold, exported to Europe, won the domestic and international customers alike.
      I will be the spirit of "customer first, quality first, service first, technical innovation first" four "a" principle; dedicated service to our customers warmly welcome friends come letter discussion service, visit the company tour guide..


Laminater,laminating machine,Lamination machine specification

Laminator MACHINE adopts the technology of coating and Laminating composition with PP or PE material to laminate plastic film on double surface of PP or PE woven sack. It is also designed for single or double surface film laminating of PP (PE) plastic woven cloth (sack), web paper, aluminum-plating film, BOPP film to improve tensile strength, gas-proof and moisture-proof. It is widely used in making sacks for foodstuff, chemical and feed industry.
The machine is equipped with advanced electric control system of PLC and operator computer interface and mechanic device with auto intelligent temperature controller and solid state relay to ensure temperature accuracy. Speed regulation of motor is controlled by inverter with high torque, low noise, high reliability. Line speed of extruder & dual laminating and auto tracked and regulated. Drawing or pattern is semi auto registered. All these make the machine fully automatic and convenient in operation and to be controlled separately or interlinkedly.
Surface tension of double working position first basis material unwinding is auto regulated by Japan Mitsubishi tension controller. Basis material auto orientation and deviation correction is controlled by pneumatic and hydraulic auto deviation correction device. Double working position auto web splicing enable non-stop production. Basis material is softened by preheating roller before laminating. Cooling roller adopts compulsory water cooling structure to ensure cooling effect. Double working position auto winding device equipped with auto transverse cutter, waste edge cutting and edge blowing device. All processing rollers is controlled by pneumatic.

1) Extruding material: PP or PE
2) Size: Width 800mm, 1100mm, 1300mm, 1600mm, 1800mm, 2200mm, 2600mm, 3200mm, 4200mm, 5200mm, 6200mm
3) Single side or Double side (dual extruders)
4) Line speed: max. 120m/min
5) Strong frame (by 22mm cast steel)
6) Easy control

Machine Make-Up:

> Dual working station first web unwinder
> Horizontal moving extruder
> Laminating unit
> Dual working station second web unwinder
> Corona treater (option)
> Edge trimmer
> Dual working station rewinder
> Electric control system


> Diameter of screw:  65-180mm
> Max. Extruding output:  100-600kg/h
> Width of laminating:  800-6200mm
> Film thickness:  0.015-0.200mm +/-0.005mm
> Linear speed:  20-120m/min


Coating PP/PE on Plastic woven fabric/Paper/BOPP/Aluminum Foil/Non woven fabric....., or laminate different substrate together

Process process:

Main substrate web unwinding --> Sencond subustrate web unwinding --> Corona treating (option) --> Extruding and Laminating --> Edge trimming --> Rewinding

Supplier Details:

Shantou Yangge Machinery Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Jerry Weng

Contact Phone:86-754-88220871

Main Products:Plastic Laminating Machinery

Business type:Manufacturer


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