(JY1001) Full body skin whitening lotion whitening set

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Post Date: Jun 14,2012

Product Description: (JY1001) Full body skin whitening lotion whitening set


1) Skin friendly Charcoal facial mask
2) Deep cleaning mask
3) Hydrating water.
4) whitening cleanser.
5) Welcome OEM&ODM


Facial mask:
1.Contain active bamboo charcoal

2.Clear up dirt & dust
3.Lighten yellowish complexion
4.Improve lackluster skin

 Bamboo Charcoal whitening set

 1pcs body whitening lotion + 1pcs body whiterning cream+1pcs bamboo charcoal cleanser+1pcs whiterning essence cream


 We are available for OEM, ODM, Private lable, semi-finished products and finished products.



Ingredients and Effect :    
1. Ingredients: Bamboo charcoal, ginseng essence, sorbierite, arbutin, natural skin milk, hydrolyzed pearl etc.
2. The new formula Morita  of natural charcoal Face, containing fine carbon particles, and strong adsorption can be deep -    
3. Thoroughly wash the dirt into the pores, the adsorption pores of excess oil, the capacity to effectively prevent acne  
4. Health, add the ingredients of tea tree and Hamamelis, more skin and pore purifying effect.    
5. Bamboo Charcoal Facial Cleanser, used for facial wash


Function: Balance the body collagen protein and hyaluronic acid content; improve skin melanin particles. active oxygen factor provide sufficient oxygen to cell; accelerate cell renewal, nourish the skin make skin not noly white but also tender and smooth like silk.


Bottle No.1: 200ml, wipe to the whole body and then bath with cleam water after about 10 minutes.

Bottle No.2: 200ml, after used no.1, smear to whole body and knead for about 5 minutes for the skin absorbs,  it will make the skin whitening and smoothing.


Tube1: 80g, Bamboo charcoal face refreshen mask  

Tube2: 80g, whitening Essence













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