Electric-power steering system (Hydraulic type )volkswagen polo

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Post Date: Jun 14,2012

Product Description: Electric-power steering system (Hydraulic type )volkswagen polo

Electric power steering (EPS) system (hydraulic) training platform

Volkswagen Polo EPS system (motor-driven) training platform


i. About the product

This device is designed based on the Volkswagen Polo front axle assembly to holistically demonstrate structures and operation of the EPS system and front axle suspension system. The device applies to theoretical teaching and maintenance training of the EPS system in secondary and senior vocational skill schools, normal education and training institutions.

ii. Features

    A real and operable EPS system is used to illustrate the structure of the system. A three-phase motor drives a booster pump to operate the steering wheel and adjust the speed signal imitation knob. In this way, the device demonstrates electric power steering. Color circuit and operating principle diagrams on the training platform are protected by 3 mm-thick organic glass. The diagrams and EPS system can help trainees learn and analyze the operating principle of the system. The training platform is installed with detection terminals to detect electric signals, for example, resistance, voltage, current, and frequency, of circuit components of the EPS. The practical training platform's base frame is made in steel and the surface is paint-coated. Self-retention wheels are installed to ensure that the platform is flexible, reliable and endurable. Intelligent fault-setting and appraisal system:

1)     The system employs patented, stable and anti-virus digital integrated circuit board and the latest MCU technology and associated fault setting control technology.

Independent test and appraisal can be performed without a computer. The teacher and student interfaces are separated. Teachers enter the teacher interface to provide test paper and the students answer questions on the ordinary interface. Teachers prepare the test: teachers prepare the test: Select "Setting fault point and fault type" through the main functional menu in the MML interactive interface. Enter the password to page for setting faults. Select the set faults from the fault name list. You can select three fault types including "Open circuit fault", "Short circuit fault", and "Improper contact". Students answer questions: Enter the main menu and select "Test for skills of finding faults". After finding the fault through a test operation, students select the fault name or type. If the answer is correct, the system displays that "Correct, the fault is removed"; If the answer is incorrect, the system indicates that "incorrect, please check again". The number of attempts for each question can be set to 1-10 by the teacher. Test bank applicable to the device is integrated. The test bank can be edited according to the

1)     requirements of users.

2)     High resolution 3.8-inch 0.225 x 0.225 LED monitor, Chinese menu interface, friendly MML. 4 operation keys make the operation simple and quick.

3)     Set the line breaking, grounding short circuit and improper contact faults at any circuit. Set and control common faults relevant to module pins. Users can adjust the number and type of fault setting points.

4)     The RJ45 network interface is installed and the RS-232 port is provided. Use the fault setting devices of network cable or other devices to form a network to control functions including fault setting, fault removal, parameter setting, remote startup, information feedback, and appraisal through the main control computer.


iii. Technical parameter

    Size: 1700mm × 1200mm × 1800mm (length x width x height) Driving power supply: three-phase four-wire (three-phase five-wire 380±10% V 50 Hz) Input power: A.C. 220V ± 10% 50 Hz Operating power supply: 12V DC Operating temperature: -40°C to +50°COil pressure gauge: 0 – 100 kg/psi Three-phase asynchronous motor:

u  Model: YT 100L1-4

u  Voltage: AC 220V/380V 50Hz

u  Current: 8.7 A/5.0 A

u  Power: 2.2 KW

u  Rotation speed: 1420 r/min


Basic configuration.

Detection control panel (protected by 3 mm-thick organic glass)

Power steering ECU

Ignition switch

Front axle suspension mechanism

Oil tank

Booster pump

Steering wheel, steering column, cardan joint, steering gear, and steering linkages

Solenoid valve


Speed signal simulator

Oil pressure gauge

Three-phase asynchronous motor

Intelligent fault-setting and appraisal system

Movable framework (with self-retention wheels)

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