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Green and health food BluBio Chlorella tablets 100% pure develop body

Price: US $ 5 - 6.5 / Box
Brand Name: BluBio
Model Number: BluBio-T002
Post Date: Jun 14,2012

Product Description: Green and health food BluBio Chlorella tablets 100% pure develop body


Chlorella has demonstrated its capacity to stimulate healing in the body. It promotes growth in young individuals and allows repair to damaged tissues in mature individuals. It has also been shown to have a normalizing and strengthening effects on many tissues and metabolic pathways. For these reasons, it is often considered by scientists to be an adaptogen (a “normalizer”) or adaptogenic food. One of primary reasons proposed for such effects are its high levels of nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), which appear to be related to the unique ability of chlorella to reproduce itself extremely rapidly (as much as quadrupling itself in 20 hours).


Chlorella has been regarded as the perfect whole food. Aside from being a complete protein and containing all the B Vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, and major minerals (with zinc and iron), it has been found to improve the immune system, improve digestion, detoxify the body, accelerate healing, protect against radiation, aid in the prevention of degenerative diseases, help in treatment of Candidaalbicans, relieve arthritis pain and, because of its nutritional content, aid in the success of numerous weight loss programs.


Chlorella Pyrenoidosa microalgae powder


400mg/tablet, 180 tablets/bottle


300ml brown glass bottle + paper box

Recommended consumption:

1-3 tablets three times a day with adequate fluid.


sealed, keep in a shaded, cool and dry place

Shelf life

3 years


Nutrient ValuePer 100gPer 3.15 gCalories403.1 kcal12.7 kcalProtein58.4g1.83gCarbohydrate18.9g0.4gFat13.1g0.4gBread Unit1.10.03Vitamin B12 4.28ug



Supplier Details:

Bluebio (Yantai) Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Contact Phone:86-535-6919637

Main Products:Healthcare Supplement

Business type:Manufacturer, Trading Company


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