al quran 6810 holy digital quran mp3 player

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Post Date: Jun 14,2012

Product Description: al quran 6810 holy digital quran mp3 player

 The Player is an intermediate rail black & white screen Quran player, there is another name for it “obedience”, it means obeying Allah’s revelation. This product is mainly targeted at those who has high quality to voice. To reduce cost, we use dot matrix design on LCD, meanwhile, we use special sound amplifier and speaker circuit to enhance the sound effect. Now it forms to be the most unique in electronic Quran products. And the necessary encryption program is used to prevent imitation by lawless businessman. It was popular since it was launched from May, 2007, and now it’s our main product with considerable development potential. We will continue upgrading the product, also open MP3, radio and recording functions, maintaining the former characteristics of the player. 



Particularly sonorous voice, clear text display, high-grade and durable shell, a larger data capacity, full-featured, user-friendly and low-cost.



160x105mm black & white dot matrix LCD screen, IC Master of Lingjia Chip, built-in speaker, removable rechargeable li-battery, USB charge, earphone, USB cable, charger, compass, Surah Index and manual.




1. Complete Holy Quran Audio of famous recitation: Sudais & Shuraim, Alafasi ( the recitors can be chosen).


2. Quran Translation in 25 Languages: English( 4 versions ), French, Latin, Malay, Spanish, Turkish, Indonesian, Urdu( 2 versions), Persian, Hausa, Swahili, Russian, German, Azerbaijani, Chinese, Danish, Bosnian, Portuguese, Uyghur, Albanian, Italian. (press translation key to the translations)


3. Famous Hadiths:

(1) Riadh-Alsaliheen (Arabic & English)

(2) 40 Hadith Qudsi (English)

(3) 40 Hadith Nawawi's (Arabic &English)

(4) Sahih Albukhari (Arabic)

(5) Sahih Albukhari (English)

(6) Sahih Muslim (Arabic)

(7) Sahih Muslim (English)

(8) Sunan Abu-Dawud (Arabic)

(9) Sunan Abu-Dawud(English)

(10) Sunan Alnisa'i (Arabic)

(11) Sunan Altarmathi (Arabic)

(12) Sunan Ibn Majah (Arabic)

(13) Malik's Muatta (Arabic)

(14) Malik's Muatta (English)

(15) Masnad Iman Ahmad (Arabic)

(16) Masnad Lmam Alshafi’i (Arabic)

(17) Mishkat Almasabeeh (Arabic)


4. Famous Tafseers:

(1) Tafseer Alajalalain (Arabic & English)

(2) Tafseer Ibn Kathee (Arabic)

(3) Tafseer Altabari (Arabic)

(4) Tafseer Alqurtubi (Arabic)


5. Salat time and Qibla Direction: users can choose the host country and city, set the Method and Juristic Method, set current system time, then the player shows each day’s Azan time. Users can also choose to use Hijri and Daylight saving. Press SPEED key to Qibla direction.


6. Setup: recitor, translation and LCD setup.


7. Others: online update, mp3 and recording functions soon.


8. Size: Quran player: Quran player: 110x70x20mm         Gift box: 180x132x45mm


9. 1 GB Flash memory


10. Accessories: USB cable, Nokia rechargeable battery, compass, user's manual, Quran index, adaptor


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Shenzhen Callong Electronic Firm

Sales:Ms. alice nie

Contact Phone:86-755-83321193

Main Products:mobile phone,tablet pc,quran read pe


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