Anti-ultraviolet paint additives(water soluble)

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Model Number: ZW-55
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Post Date: Jul 29,2011

Product Description: Anti-ultraviolet paint additives(water soluble)

    Anti-ultraviolet paint additive (water besd solvent)Nice dispersion, high anti-ultraviolet effeciencyProduct IntroductionThis product is made of nano composite functions material with a special process, small particle size, large specific surface area, and has high chemical stability and thermal stability. Because of its unique structure, with high UV absorption and shielding effects. After covered by inorganic, organic coating we developed the hydrophilic and hydrophobic series of products. It can be applied to all types of water-based and oil-based paint. As a result of the ultra-fine particle`s excellent uniformity and dispersion stability, it can completely through the visible light, without any adverse effects after the appearance. ZW-55 can effectively improve the anti-aging ability to paint, and enhance its weatherability, extend paint life. Non-layered coating with thixotropy, anti-flow linked to the construction and good performance characteristics, in particular, will greatly enhance the anti-staining. This product can also be dispersed in oil-based solvents Product FeaturesIndexPerformance Appearance          Colorless transparent liquid                  Major ingredient            Nano oxide Specific Area ≥60m2/g PH  Value 6.5-7 Proportion 1.0 g/cm3 Particle diameter 20-30nm,umiformaly and evenly Temperature ≥300 UV-shielding rate   ≥99%  Visible light transmittance 90% Visible light transmittance, no affect on the paint colorSafety        Safe and Eco-friendly           Environmental safety, pollution-free, non-toxic side effects on the human body.Good weatherability and resistance to abrasion.UV high-performance long-lasting effects. ApplicationUV coating applied to the needs of production.On fabric, wood, such as color protection, improve the resistance to aging.Usage By 0.5% -1% coating add to the use.StorageStored in a cool place, away from sources of heat.Shelf life: two years under room temperature.Packaging  specification 1/2/20 Kg Attention Do not enter the eyes or the mouth.Sealed after use to store.This product is volatile, pay attention to fire prevention. Contact: Eric ZhangTel: 86-4006-81 81 85Mobile: 86-189 101 77495

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