Food Additives

Price: US $ 1.5 - 30 / Kilogram
Brand Name: GANGYANG
Model Number: GY
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jul 29,2011

Product Description: Food Additives

Cola, Yogurt, fried chicken, steak—food additives can be found in most of the things we eat and drink every day. They are applied to mask the undesired odors, make your meat tenderer, allow the seafood to stay fresh for longer, make your fried chicken crispier. They are friends for the good taste of your food, but at the same the abuse of it can be disastrous to health. That's why nearly all countries in the world have strict standards for the application of food additives. Gangyang strictly adopt our unique organic reaction technology, which combines our proprietary materials and superior creativity to provide a complete range of additive profiles that meet any regulatory or product specification.  Gangyang's Major Food Addtives: For Bakery:Flour gluten fortifier,  Anticaking Agent,  Biscuit Crisp Agent,  Biscuit Mouthfeel Improver,  Bread Modifier Flour Flavor Enhancer,  Dampproofing Agent (Crisp-keeping agent for Ice-Cream Cone),  Flour Whitener,  Noodles Quality Improver,  Noodles Mouthfeel modifier,  Macaroni gluten motifier,  Crisp Agent of Fried Food For Seasonings:  Specific Thickener,  Soy Sauce Stabilizer,  Oyster Sauce Stabilizer,  High-effective Antimold Agent, Instant Noodle Preserving Agent For Meets and Vegetables:Meet Modifier,  Meat Tenderizer,  Meat Mash Resilience Modifier,  Meat Tenderizing Protein, Fishiness Eliminating Agent,  Muttony Odor Eliminating Agent,   Meat Antimold Agent,   Fresh Potato-slice Antibrowning Agent For Beverages: Deastruingent Agent,  Debitterizing Agent,  Antioxidant,  Clarificant,  Yogurt Stabilizer,  Emulsifying Stabilizer,  Soymilk Stabilizer,  Suspending Stabilizer,   Foaming Agent,  Mouth-pricking Taste Agent, Color Fixing Agent,  Refined Vanillin  

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Gangyang Flavors And Fragrances Technology Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Philp Zhong

Contact Phone:86-20-85553568

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