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GuanlongTM Buprofenzin Isoprocarb 25%WP low poisonous Insecticide for rice fulgorid, planthopper

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Brand Name: GuanlongTM
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Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jul 29,2011

Product Description: GuanlongTM Buprofenzin Isoprocarb 25%WP low poisonous Insecticide for rice fulgorid, planthopper

GuanlongTM Buprofenzin Isoprocarb    low poisonous Insecticide   Effective constituent content: 25%Buprofenzin content: 5%Isoprocarb content: 20%Formulation: wettable powder (WP)Specification : 20g x 25bags x 8boxes/Carton or Packaged according to your requestQuality Guarantee Period: 2Years Temporary Registration No.of pesticide: LS20071259No. in  Production Approval Document: HNP37083-A5687No. in Product Standard: Q/QNY019-2007Plant Protection Service Hotline: 400-811-9918 O product performance  ————————————————————————— This product is a novel selective pesticides suppressing insect growth, mixed with Buprofezin and carbamate insecticide Isoprocarb, has stomach poison, contact poison and Fumigation actions.After entering insect body, it can inhibit acetylcholinesterase activity, causes the harmful insect to be paralysed, finally dies. Furthermore, It also can suppress insect chitin synthesis, affect pest moulting, and causes dies, and to enable pests to reduce oviposition, reduce hatching rate, effectively reduce the bug source. It has good effect against to Rice Fulgorid.    O Usetechnology and Method: —————————————————————————CropPestsPreparation DosageUsage MethodRiceRice Fulgorid15-30mg/KgSpray1. This insecticide should be sprayed at the peak pearid of migration, larval stage and nymphal stage of Rice Fulgorid. intensively spray onto middle-lower rice plants where Rice Fulgorid inhabits, pay attention to even spray.2. The gale day or rainy day, please do not spray. O Considerations——————————————————————————————— → Use of this product should wear protective clothing and gloves, and avoid inhalation of liquid. Application period is not eating or drinking water. Spray washing and in a timely manner after washing your face. N o eating and no drinking when working. After the use finished, should promptly flush hands and face with soap and fresh water.→Cann't mix-use with alkaline matter.→Avoid the pregnant women and breastfeeding women from contacting.→Can not use propanil before and after 10 days of spraying this product.→Safe crop period is 7 days for rice crop, each crop season can use 2 times maximum.→It is poisonous to bees, fish and domestic silkworms. To disable at blooming of bee plant flowers, to disable near by the silkworm rearing room and mulberry, should avoid the effect of the surrounding swarms at spraying time. Beware of avoiding pollution of water, prohibit clean spraying apparatus in water area.→In order to slow down the disease resistance, please use with other different insecticide in rotation. O Poisoning and First aid:__________________________________________________Poisoning symptoms: Dizziness, headache, asthenia, pale, vomiting, sweating, salivation, myosis , blurred vision. In severe cases, some poisoning symptoms occur usually within a few minutes to 1 hour including a decrease of blood pressure, unconsciousness, skin contact dermatitis occurs such as rubella, local swelling, itchiness, conjunctival hyperemia, tears, chest tightness, shortness of breath,etc..First aid measures: Accidentally inhaled, the patient should be moved to the air circulation. Contacted with skin carelessly, immediately remove contaminated clothing, then flush with plenty of soap and fresh water. If stabbing pain symptoms is in duration, immediately call the doctor for treatment. Splash into the eyes, rinse with fresh water at least 15 minutes. Takes by mistake, should take the label along to hospital for symptomatic treatment immediately, Doctor should judge the main causes of poisonings at first. If the judgement of Buprofezin poisoning, could use with Atropine for both oral or intramuscular injection, and add Adrenaline for a serious case. To disable Pyraloxime iodide, Pyraloxime Methyl Chloride , Obidoxime Chloride, Morphine. O Storage and Transportation____________________________________________________Sealed in a dry, cool, ventilated place, keep away from fire and heat. Placed out of children's reach, and lock. Can't mix with food, drinking, grain, and feed. The used container should be properly handled, can not be done for other use, and also can not arbitrarily discarded. ______________________________________________________ Guangxi Joy Agriculture Science and Technology Group Co. Ltd.Tel: +86-0771-4014460, Fax: +86-0771-4017250                   

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