For Food and Beverage Spray Dried Arabic Gum Powder

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Product Description: For Food and Beverage Spray Dried Arabic Gum Powder

Arabic  Gum Powder

Another Name: gum arabic,acacia

Source: Primarily through the collection of the bark secretion of acacia and other related species.

Components: multi-branched polyose consist of the L-arabinose, L-rhamnose,

 D-galactose and D-glucuronic acid.the main chain is Short helical. As arabic

gum is from different sources, ratio of various sugars are different. Relative

molecular mass is 26 × 105 ~ 116 × 105.

General properties:Gum Arabic is unique amoung the natural hydrocolloids

because of its extremely high solubility in water.

Most common gums cannot be dissolved in water at concentrations higher than about 5%

because of their very high viscosities.Gum Arabic, however, can yield solutions of

up to 50% concentration.

Physical and chemical characteristics of gum arabic: Natural gum Arabic is

the tear drop-shaped crystals, granules and slightly transparent amber. Arabic gum

powder is a white powder, odorless ,edible.It is very stable,suitable for

long-term storage.

Packing:25kg woven plastic bags (its specification and packing can be adjusted based on the customers' requirements)


According with food additive GB1904-89

Food additive usage sanitation standard GB2760

Arabic gum GB12493-90

Arabic gum powder corporation standard Q/TDL004-2006

Main specification ItemsSpecificationAppearanceMilky white or yellowSmellodarlessImpurityNo visible impuritiesViscosity, mpa.s(25% solution 25°C)50.0-150.0Ashes,% ≤ 4.0Loss on drying, %≤10.0As(As  mg/kg)≤ 0.5Heavy Metal(Pb mg/kg) ≤ 5.0Total plate count, cfu/g ≤ 10000Coliform,MPN/10g     ≤ 30


Essence:emulsification and stability the oil

Candy:serves as the anti-crystallizing agent; Prevents the sucrose crystal separation.

being effective in emulsifying toffee butterfat, avoid the butterfat overflow.

Baking products:used in the superficial polishing material; essence spice carrier for baked products

Soft drinks:in carbonic acid drink, used for emulsifying and  stabling  essence, the pigment; Stabilization of beer froth.

Drugs manufacturer:used in manufacturing drugs as assistant for keeping stable;Medicinal plaster and pill coherence.

Comestics:the cosmetics use in each kind of milk fluid, the surface dew increasing  the viscosity, the lubrication.

Adhesive agent:For stamps, envelopes and other office supplies adhesion.

Papermaking:used in the production of the paint film material for the no-carbon paper.

other:disperse pigment and control viscosity for the watermark.

suspend carbon granules in the high-quality ink.

prevent the gunpowder damping in the production of fireworks.

prevent to rust in the metal model surface.

disperse the pigment and improve the granularity in milk lacquer

starch and dye the textiles.



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