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Product Description: General Training Equipment Industrial Automation

I. Features1, the modular structure, easy replacement of hanging box, easy to organize training programs and the expansion of the new training features.2, for comprehensive pre-employment and pre-job skills training, work skills training for advanced evaluation.3, can carry out small-scale project design, equipment selection, installation, operation simulation.4, only three-phase four-wire AC power can be put into use, practical resource-rich, comprehensive, and effective training to save space.5, high security, except with the voltage-and current-leakage protection, the device has a microcontroller to monitor the whole software cut-off overload or short circuit protection, ensuring that equipment and personal safety.Second, the technical performance1, Input voltage: Three-phase four-wire system ~ 380V ± 10% 50Hz2, the working environment: temperature range of -5 °C ~ + 40 °C, relative humidity <85% (25 °C)3, the installed capacity: <1.5KVA4, Dimensions: 1800mm × 750mm × 1680mmThird, the device is equipped with(A) of the power supply, signal source, the instrument control panelControl panel for the iron structure of double matte spray pattern density, aluminum panel. Training provided for the AC power, DC power supplies, signal sources, test instrumentation and safety protection. Specific functions are as follows:1, the master functional board(1) three-phase four-wire power input leakage protection through the master switch turned on, the contacts through the start and stop buttons to operate.(2) with 450V AC voltmeter three pointer, indicating the three-phase power input supply voltage.(3) three-phase four-wire power output, with full control MCU software load short-circuit or overload protection only. Short circuit, overload, alarm function, after a reset to start troubleshooting the power supply.(4) with ~ 220V Output safety sockets for external devices to provide a safe working power.2, DC power supply(1) all the way to continuously adjustable DC 0-30V DC power supply, built-in relay automatic transmission, continuously adjustable multi-turn potentiometer with a preset current limit protection, maximum current 2A.(2) provide ± 12V, +5 V, +24 V DC power supply, have short circuit protection.(3) constant current source all the way: 0-500mA adjustable, sub-2mA, 20mA, 500mA third gear, with the output open circuit, short circuit protection.3, the function signal generator: output sine wave, triangle wave, short wave forms.(1) Frequency range: 5Hz to 550KHz, divided into five bands.(2) frequency of instruction: direct read out by the Hz table.(3) Voltage output range: Sine 5Hz-250KHz> 4.5V, 250KHz-550KHz> 3.5HzThree levels of attenuation: 0db, 20db, 40db, with continuous fine-tuneRectangular wave: 5Hz-250KHz> 4.5V, 250KHz-550KHz> 3.5Hz, amplitude adjustableTriangle wave: 5Hz-250KHz> 1V(B) Training TableTraining table for iron double matte spray pattern density structure of the desktop as a fireproof, waterproof, wear-resistant high-density, solid structure, nice shape. Storage cabinets with drawers and components.(C) of the training component1, PLC training componentMitsubishi FX1N-40mR host configuration, integrated digital I / O (24 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs), FX1N-485BD communication module, FX0N-3A analog module (2 inputs, 1 output), SC- 09 communication programming cable and output switch interface, switch and so on.2, PLC training simulation hanging boxNo. No. Training module control object Target practice teaching 1 SX1 Responder / music fountain Responder system by staff answer in each group to monitor and control the timing of the master control of conditional compilation directives; musical fountain control system through the "flow" and the music loop control, control loop instructions in the preparation method. 3 SX3 Tower water / day light tower Through the "water towers" and "water tank" to determine the change process, understanding written instructions simple logic control methods. By shining the light tower on the day shift control of the process, the preparation of master shift register instruction methods.  12 SX12 Automatic washing machine / electroplating production line Time out of the water through the washing machine, washing process and electroplating production line, different solutions that block invasion of the time, manner, order control, PLC control system to master more comprehensive ability3, converter box training linked toMitsubishi FR-S540 drive configured with RS485 communications and BOP control panel.4, the touch-screen training hanging box:Specifications 5.7-inch, 256-color, understanding of industrial touch-screen functionality and use, master PLC communication between the knowledge and master reset, set, alternating and other function keys, graphics (curve) shows the dynamic image tracking in the touch screen in the implementation.5, network and device plate:Specifications for the 420mm × 600mm, plate in the network control system on the Institute of Electrical layout of all components of planning, installation, commissioning skills, close to the industrial field. Device is equipped with: AC contactor 3, time relay 1, the button 3, the thermal relay 2, a circuit breaker, terminal block 20 holes.6, the electrical and optical encoder speed rail systemHan Guang encoder velocity system (equipped with imported optical encoder) ** sets, stainless steel rail 1, rail roughness, no stress and deformation, concentricity good.7, a control configuration software:Open the software programming environment, any training can edit the image of the strong visual dynamic, digital effects good configuration bar graphs, and conduct training dynamic tracking teaching.8, PLC Training software is a simulation:(1) PLASH virtual environment through real-time display the operational status of PLC(2) PLC virtual connection can be achieved, and the wiring error checking(3) PLC programming training, PLC programming and testing functions(4) implement PLC to run simulations to check the error process9, AC servo motor and control system set: Power 600W, Insulation Class B level.10, the pressure control system for brushless DC motor and a set of: power 130W, Insulation Class B level.11, one AC motor, 380V Y /  connection12, training models(1) elevator shaft of a physical model: a floor display, automatic door closing function.(2) a physical model excavator: Set PLC technology, computer control technology in one.(3) sports car model: set of stepper motors, PLC in one, the car movement position control.Fourth, training programs (D) PLC advanced skills training (design, installation, commissioning and maintenance)27. Three-phase motor control circuit to move the28. Three-phase motor control circuit of self-locking29. Three-phase motor reversing control circuit 30. Three-phase Motor Y /  start control circuit31. Three-phase electric motor control circuit sequence start32. C620 lathe electrical control circuit (E) PLC, inverter, touch screen integrated application of skills training

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