50-80A PWM Series DC Motor Controller/DC Motor Drive

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Brand Name: KEYA
Model Number: MMT-DC12DP50-80B
Post Date: Jun 12,2012

Product Description: 50-80A PWM Series DC Motor Controller/DC Motor Drive

 PWM Series DC Motor Controller


The DC12/ 24V /36V/48DP XXBL series product is the adoption appropriation mold piece, make control and the power supply be complete insulate and avoided the interference of control system when low-voltage high-current operating. Has an excellent linear ratio, relatively wide voltage input range, outstanding performance and speed ratio, a stable, reliable quality, to be broad-based applications. The series of products applicable to battery powered or DC power of field operations and low-voltage control of occasions. The product has been used in military, robotics, low-voltage safety equipment, teaching and research equipment, and other fields.



1.The input voltage: DC 12/24V(operating space9V-18V/18V-36 V

2.The output voltage: DC 0-12V/0-24V

3.Rated output current: DC 50A 70A 80A

4.Given signal mode: Potentiometer:10KΩ/2W

5. Speed regulation ratio 1:80

6. Ambient Temperature: --10~+60

7.Ambient Humidity: Relative Humidity≤80RH.Below dew point

8. Applicable to permanent-magnet, separate excitation DC motor

9. Dual closed loop PI adjustment (Current/Voltage closed loop)

10. SMT technology is adopted. Lightness and small in size

11. Current setting and current limiting protection

12. Instantaneous short-circuit protection (50us)

13. Soft starting/stopping time setting function

14. Quick stopping function

15. Large torque for low-speed start-up.

16. Can realize RPL

17. Short circuit function


forward increased

1. Current Setting/Limiting Adjustment: TORQUE W2 See Figure 7


2. Torque Compensation Adjustment: IR COMP (W3 See Figure 7)


3. Soft Starting Time Adjustment: ACCEL (W1 See Figure 7)


4. Soft Stopping Time Adjustment: DECEL (W4 See Figure 7)


5. The highest output voltage adjustment: MAX COMP (W5 See Figure 7)


.Instructions of terminal blocks

.Instructions of LED indicators

.Over current protection mode options (inside of the drive)


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