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Brand Name: Mega
Model Number: Q-500 laser
Post Date: Jun 11,2012

Product Description: Acne Soft Laser beauty equipment

Q-500 Acne Soft Laser beauty equipment(CE) 


Product Description 

Portable laser machine
1. Hair removal
2. Tattoo removal
3. Skin rejuvenation
4. Remove pigment.

Sphere of Application
1. Remove coffee, brown and all kinds of tattoo;
2. Pigmentation formed by pathological changes of pigment skin and mixed color, dermis spot, fleck, black nevus, age pigment, birthmark and Nevus of Ota;
3. Remove all kinds of embroider eyebrow, embroider lip, soak lip, embroider eye line and lip line.

Special features
1. Equipped with super tiny nm (nanometer) carbon penetrated skin. Carbon laser can accelerate collagen albumen reorganization, meanwhile, this kind of technology can remove extra fat and recover elasticity, shrink pores and skin-tightening.
2. Long pulse laser get obvious treatment result.
3. Safety and non-invasion, no bleeding, no pain, no adverse reaction and side effect
4. Simple & no training

Technical Parameter
Type of Laser: Q-switch Carbon laser
Wavelength: Dual wavelength 1064nm and 532nm
Pulse Width: 1-10ms
Pulse Energy: 1000mj
Facular Diameter: 1~ 8mm
Pulse Frequency: 1, 2, 3 Hz

Supplier Details:

Guangzhou Mega-Beautyequipment Commerce Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. Echo Yang

Contact Phone:0086-20-86401934

Main Products:Slimming Machine

Business type:Manufacturer


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