Homemade Ice Cream Machine For Ice Cream Shop

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Brand Name: MEHEN
Model Number: M5/M10/M15/M20/M30
Post Date: Jun 11,2012

Product Description: Homemade Ice Cream Machine For Ice Cream Shop

Homemade Ice Cream Machine For Ice Cream Shop


1. MEHEN is first company in China to develop and manufacture Commercial Ice Cream Machine for over 10 years. First grate quality with high standard performance!



 2. MEHEN Commercial Ice Cream Machine can make premium artisan gelato (ice cream) by fully automatic operation with digital Control System.



MEHEN Commercial Ice Cream Machine Models: M5 (counter), M10, M15, M20, M30



1) Digital indicator: Shows consistency of ice cream range from 1-10

2)  Commercial Ice Cream Machine cylinder capacity: M5, M10, M15, M20, M30.

3) Condenser of  Commercial Ice Cream Machine: Air or water

4) Power supply: 220/380 Volt, 1/3 PH, 50/60 HZ

5) Certificate: CE



MEHEN Commercial Ice Cream Machine Material & Components:


1) Compressor: Tecumseh from France or Bizter from Germany

2) Expansion Valve: Danfoss from Denmark

3) Motor: Wan'nan Motor or Siemens Motor

4) Refrigerant: R404

5) AISI 304 Stainless Steel



MEHEN Commercial Ice Cream Machine Characteristics:


1. Hardness-control-system (HCS), 1-10 hardness parameters for any operator to make the same high-quality gelato.

2. Patent dasher with high performance and perfect extraction rate, easy to clean and replace. 

3.  Unique designed evaporator with gas finely dispersed to "Multipoint" around cylinder.

4.  Two speeds, low for Italian gelato and high for high overrun ice cream.

5.  Designed with safety devices to protect the operator and the machine from dangers.

6.  Practical built-in water hose allowing easier and faster cleaning.

7.   Automatic audible alarm signals when a process is done.





MEHEN Commercial Ice Cream Machine Technical Specifications:









5 ltr

10 ltr

15 ltr

20 ltr

30 ltr

Hour Capacity

20 ltr

40 ltr

60 ltr

80 ltr

120 ltr

Batch Time

6 to 12 min

10 to 18 min

Control System

Electronic, Computer

Beater Design

Replaceable Blades


Air -Cooling

Water -Cooling

Power Type


380v/3/50,60hz or 220v/3/50,60hz


Welded Steel (stainless steel available with extra cost charged)

Frame Type



Outer Panel Material

Stainless Steel, AISI 304

Rinse System



Net Weight

239 lbs/110 kg

391 lbs/180 kg

478 lbs/220 kg

564 lbs/260kg

673 lbs /310 kg

Gross Weight

315 lbs/145 kg

467 lbs/215 kg

564 lbs/260 kg

651 lbs/300kg

845 lbs/380 kg


 17.7 inch/45cm

19.0 inch/48 cm

21.9 inch/55 cm

22.8 inch/58cm

27.17 inch/69cm


 31.5 inch/80cm

28.4 inch/72 cm

30.1 inch/72 cm

34.6 inch/88cm

36.2 inch/92cm


 30.7 inch/78cm

51.2 inch/130 cm

52.0 inch/132 cm

55.9 inch/142cm

56.0 inch/142cm


2500 w

5500 w

7100 w

9100 w

11200 w

Note: 1. The batch time may change according to cooling condition and raw material.  2.The performance of air-cooled models is referred to <25 °C environment temperature.


The voltage and the frequency can be set up according to different countries’ standard.



General Introduction:


The new model has a brand-new freezing cylinder and improved dasher results that freezing is more even on the inside surface, it can produce much harder ice cream with better texture. An industrial quality frequency control device makes the machine extremely quiet and adds years to the operating life of the machine. The easy-to-read electronic module shows the progress of the batch and has a fault diagnosing mode. More flexible operation system with Hardness-Control-System (HCS), you can change freely low or high overrun even during running, as well as the output speed as you wish during extruding progress which allows you gently art deco the ice cream. It can produce high overrun Ice Cream, Homemade Italian Gelato, Slush, Sherbet & Sorbet, Yogurt, Smoothie and Frozen Custard etc


Supplier Details:

Mehen Food Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. Wendy Yang

Contact Phone:86-25-68552699

Main Products:Snack Machinery

Business type:Manufacturer


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