air compressor 12 volt / 12 volt air compressor

Price: US $ 1 - 15 / Piece
Brand Name: YIDUN
Model Number: YD-94A
Post Date: Jun 11,2012

Product Description: air compressor 12 volt / 12 volt air compressor

air compressor 12 volt

Max pressure:8kg/cm2(120PSI)

Configure:30mm cylinder,3m cord with cigarette

lighter,1m  hose,metal gauge,3nozzle adaptors


 5pcs LED light with swith

 Performance :Based on 195/60 R14 "type from 0 to 30psi <3mins




DC 12V





Output Volume:


Air Pressure:



blow model case



1> Operates from the cigarette lighter socket of a DC- 12V
2> Built-in switch and gauge
3> With inflator nozzle and sports needle
4> Proper design for installing hose and cord
5> Ideal for inflating all vehicle tires and other high-pressure inflatables
6> It is good for the emergency needs when you are on highway and country side road rushing for office on the morning while the tire is at a low pressure. 



Operating the compressor:
step 1:Pull out the air hose, make sure the nozzle lever is in the up position.
step 2:Place the nozzle over the valve stem of the tyre or other item you need to inflate.
step 3:Lock the nozzle to the vale stem by pressing down on the lever.
step 4:Switch the compressor/spotlight switch to the COMPRESSOR position to turn the compressor on. Monitor the pressure gauge carefully.
step 5:When the desired pressure has been reached press the compressor/spotlight switch to the OFF position to turn the compressor off. Disconnect the air hose and replace it inside the unit.
Sometimes, when the tyre is completely deflated, the seal between the tyre and the rim can be broken. This allows the air to leak when you are using the compressor. To fix this problem, you have to jack up your car prior to inflating the tyre.


To inflate other articles, select the appropriate nozzle adaptor and insert it into the nozzle at the end of the compressor hose making sure that the nozzle lever is in the up position. Press down on the nozzle lever to lock the adaptor into place.


For spots balls, the needle should be moistened before inserting it into the ball valve.



Bursting items can cause injury so don't exceed recommended pressure levels.

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