Drilling rig for sale,soil investigation---Hydraulic HF-44T drilling machine

Price: US $ 15,800 - 37,800 / Set
Brand Name: Hanfa
Model Number: HF-44T
Post Date: Jun 11,2012

Product Description: Drilling rig for sale,soil investigation---Hydraulic HF-44T drilling machine

For soil investigation HF-44T Hydraulic drilling machine



I.  General

HF-44T Core  Drill,  a  new  type  of  product  with enhanced  capacity,  is  a  kind  of  hydraulic-driven, spindle, diamond-bit, small-diameter core drill with fairly powerful  drilling  force. It is mainly  suitable for exploration  of metal or non-metal solid mineral ore  bed.  It  is  widely  applied  in  core  drill  with diamond  bit  or  hard  tungsten-carbide-tipped   bit and diamond bit in the field of geology, metallurgy, coal mine, hydrological  and engineering  drilling. It can  also  be  used  in  the  fields  of  superficial-zone

petroleum  and  natural  gas  mining,  mine  workings  ventilation  and  water  discharge  tunnel  drilling  as  well  as foundation  pile  construction  in  large  diameter.  It  is  in  reasonable  structure,  light  weight,  powerful  capacity, multiuse, steady performance, high responsibility and high standardization and generalization.

1)   Core Drilling 

 Drill Rod Varieties

 Drill Rod Type

 Drill Depth

Drill Rod Made in China

Planer in and out

 dia43×6mm(1.69×0.24  inch)

 1400 m (4592feet)

dia54×6 mm(2.13×0.24 inch)

 1000 m (3280feet)

 dia67×6 mm(2.64×0.24 inch)

 830 m (2722feet)

Thickened Inner

 dia50×5.5 mm(1.97×0.22 inch)

 1300 m (4264feet)

 dia60×6 mm(2.36×0.24 inch)

 950 m (3116feet)

Extracting Core with


Wire Line


 1400 m (4592feet)

 dia71×5 mm(2.80×0.20 inch)

 1000 m (3280feet)

 dia89×5 mm(3.50×0.20 inch)

 800 m (2624feet)


(Diamond Core Drill Manufacturer Association)


 Drill Rod

Thickened Inner


1250 m (4100feet)


 1000 m (3280feet)


 660 m (2165feet)

Extracting Core with Wire Line


 1400 m (4592feet)


 1100 m (3608feet)


 750 m (2460feet)

2. Drilling Angel ~0 to 360°

3. Power Engine







 1480 r/min

 Diesel engine

 Deutz F6L 912


 1500 r/min

4. Rotator Type: Feeding with double oil cylinders hydraulic pressure, rotating mechanically. Spindle I.D~93   mm (3.66 inch)

Speed of spindle

Speed of Power eng. (r/min)

 1480 (for core drilling)

 Positive Low Speed (r/min)

 83, 152, 217, 316

 Positive High Speed (r/min)

 254, 468, 667, 970

 Negative Speed (r/min)

 67, 206

Max. torque of spindle~3.2  KN·m (2358 lbf·ft)

Spindle stroke~600   mm (23.62 inch)

Max. lifting force of spindle ~120  KN (26976 lbf)

Max. thrust of spindle~90   KN (20232 lbf)

5. Hoist Form :planetary gearing

Wire rope dia~17.5 mm(0.69 inch) or 18.5 mm(0.73 inch)

Drum capacity for rope(170 kg/mm2  equivalent to 241839 lb/inch2) ~ (17.5mm steel wire rope)    110m(360.8 feet)

(18.5mm steel wire rope)     90m(295.2 feet) Max. lifting force (single rope)~45 KN (10116 lbf)

Lifting speed of the wire rope

Power eng speed 1000r/min 0.47; 0.86; 1.22; 1.78 m/s (1.54; 2.82; 4.00; 5.84 feet/s) Power eng speed 1500r/min     0.70; 1.29; 1.84; 2.68 m/s (2.30; 4.23; 5.90; 8.79 feet/s) Power eng speed 1700r/min       0.805; 1.485; 2.12; 3.08 m/s (2.64; 4.87; 6.95; 10.10 feet/s) 

6. Clutch Form: Dry single chip friction clutch

7. Gearbox Form: sliding gearbox (4 speeds are positive and 1 is negative).

8. Oil Pump Form: Single Gear Pump

Displacement ~32+12  L/min (8.5+3.2 US Gallons/min)

Working pressure~0 to 8  MPa (0~1160 psi)

Max. pressure~12  MPa (1740 psi)

9. Water Brake

Working speed (r/min) ~700-800

Single rope compensational speed~3--8  m/s (9.84--26.2 feet/s)

Single rope compensational load~45  KN (10116 lbf

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