H.264 Video Format Portable Recorder Car Black Box W380 HD DVR with 2.5" TFT LCD Screen Car Cam

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Post Date: Jul 27,2011

Product Description: H.264 Video Format Portable Recorder Car Black Box W380 HD DVR with 2.5" TFT LCD Screen Car Cam

Portable Recorder W380 with 2.5" TFT LCD Screen (we can offer OEM/ODM service)  OperateTwo power options:1)      Use built-in Li-ion batteryDVR can be activated after it has been placed on the vehicle by pressing the Power Switch and turn off by pressing it again,Charging: connect with USB cable or car charger.The indicator display red and convert to no light when it is full.2)      Connect with car chargerDVR will record automatically when the car starts,turn off and save the lase file when the car stops. RecordingDVR will enter into defaulted recording mode when turn it on,the work indicator blickers and indicates it is recording.The recording file is saved in the SD/MMC Card.To stop,press Recording Button or ending when car stops,the work indicator won’t blicker. Camera modeTurn on the DVR and press Mode Button to enter into Camera mode.To take photo by pressing SNAP Button. Preview and Delete:Turn on the DVR and press Mode Button twice to enter into Preview Mode,press Up or Down to select the previewed file folder and enter into the index by press REC Button.If it is video file,it can play or stop by pressing REC Button.If you want to delete it,press Menu Button to enter into delete mode,and then,select current or all by REC Button or UP/DOWN and confirm to delete the file by press REC Button.If you want to format,please select and confirm Format Memory by REC Button. Setting the functions:Turn on the DVR and press Menu Button to enter into setting interface.Confirm by REC Button and select by UP/DOWN for the following setting.Press Menu Button again to exit after finished.1)      Movie Size: Select [1280*720/848*480/640*480 pixels]2)      Audio Recording: Slect on or off3)      Volume: From 0 to 74)      IR LED: Auto or Off5)      Motion Delete: Select on or off6)      FPS: Select 10FPS/20FPS/30FPS7)      Recording time: Select [2/5/15] minute to decide how many time will be storaged per one section or off8)      Date Stamp: Select [Date&Time Stamp] or [No Stamp]9)      Date/Time: Set correct recording Date and Time10)  Language: Select [English/Chinese/Portuguese/Japanese/Russian].11)  Light Frequency: Set [50/60 HZ]12)  Restore Default: Select [Yes] or [No]13)  Version: Show the software version Number. USB ModeConnect DVR with computer by USB cable,[My computer] will occur removable disk,the file is stored at the DVR index,the file is placed relevant Y/M/D index according recording time,the file is named by DR H/M/S.At the moment,the file of the DVR can be downloaded to the computer. Preview on the HD TVConnect the HDMI link of DVR with the HD TV,then turn on the DVR and enter into the preview mode automatically,and the operating steps are same as preview on the screen. Technical Specifications1)IR day and night vision for recording2)Recording resolution:1280*720/848*480/640*480 pixels3)Video format: H.2644)Repeat storage by section:2/5/15 minutes or off5)Power source: built-in rechargeable battery or 12V/24V car charger6)Supports SD/MMC card (from 1GB to 32GB)7)Microphone: can record sound8)2.5inch LCD:270° whirl9)Interface: HDMI&USB 2.0 Attached Accessories• English manual,• Mount• USB Cable and HDMI Cable• Car Charger(include the adapter, 12V/24V transfers to 5V )

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