Stars permanent magnet ac synchronous motor

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Product Description: Stars permanent magnet ac synchronous motor

Stars 8~40kw permanent magnet ac synchronous motor and driver

NAS-B Series,ND-Fe-B material, AC Servo Motor and Driver 


Honour History

STARS DC Servo System was first applied to national weather radar in 1994.

STARS Anti-backlash Servo System was equipped in the Yuan Wang Ocean Measuring Ship and in the project of Shen Zhou Spaceship and in the Moon Mission.



machine tools, printing and packaging machinery, Plastic injection machine, extruder machine,etc.


Application Advantage

1. High efficiency,which is up to 90% or more.

2. Heat and weight value lower, which is ensured by ND-Fe-B permanent magnet material.

3. High reliability,Low maintenance.

4. Insulation Level F,military quality control.Long service life.

5. The power factor is up to 0.98 under the control of Stars NAS series sero controller.

6. With ISO9001, CE certs.


Motor  Parameters     

Environmental and technical conditions for Stars Servo Motor 

Insulation       grade      Grade FStorage Tem.-25°C~+65°CProtection   modeIP54Vibration gradeVibration acceleration 5g (49m/s2)Cooling   system  Forced air-coolingHeightElevation below 2000m (above 2000m, reduce 20%  capacity every 1000m)Humidity95%,30°CMount styleFlange Feedback unit Resolver  (Rotary Transformer)Operating  Tem.-20°C~+40°CPower  Supply3phase,   380VAC  Power     Frequency         50hz  / 60hz


Technical Parameters

Motor Model No.Rated Power (kW)Rated Torque (N.m)Rated current (A)Max Torque
(N.m)Rated velocity (rpm)Max velocity (rpm)Rotor inertia (kg.m2) Weight
(kg)Matched Driver Model No.190B8K04-A2XNG1846.817.5120165022000.0131NAS4D345XZ190B8K04-22XNG183517.595220026500.01140NAS4D360XZ190B10K4-A2XNG1105820.1160165022000.01446NAS4D360XZ190B12K4-A1XNG11276.527170150020000.01650NAS4D360XZ190B15K4-A1XNG11595.534210150020000.01956NAS4D275XZ190B16K4-A1XNG116102 204150020000.01964NAS4D275XZ230B17K4-A1XNG11792 248150020000.0380NAS4D290XZ230B18K4-A1XNG118114.644.1234150020000.03573NAS4D290XZ230B18K4-A1XNG3189744.1262150020000.045102NAS4D290XZ230B30K4-A1XNG130146.552.8330150020000.04588NAS4D2120XZ230B40K4-17XNG14025090470170022000.051127NAS4D2160XZ



Driver Parameters   


Driver Model No.Rated current Output(A)Max current Output(A)Max current  protection time(s)NAS4D345XZ304535NAS4D360XZ426035NAS4D275XZ487535NAS4D290XZ549035NAS4D2120XZ7512035NAS4D2160XZ9016035







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