Yaskawa servo drive and motor

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Product Description: Yaskawa servo drive and motor

Basic Spec.Input Power Main Circuit13-phase (or 1-phase) 200 to 230VAC +10% to -15%, 50/60 Hz, or single-phase 100 to 115VAC +10% to -15%, 50/60 HzControl Circuit1Single-phase 200 to 230VAC (or 100 to 115VAC) +10% to -15%, 50/60 HzControl Mode3-phase, full-wave rectification IGBT PWM (sinusoidal commutation)FeedbackSerial incremental encoder, absolute encoderLocationAmbient/Storage Temperature20 to 55ºC / -20 to 85ºCAmbient/Storage Humidity90% or lessVibration/Shock Resistance4.9m/s2/19.6m/s2StructureBase mounted (duct ventilation available as option) and flat mount typeSpeed/Torque Control ModePerformanceSpeed Control Range1 : 5000 (The lowest speed of the speed control range is the speed at which the servomotor will not stop with a rated torque load.)Speed Load 0% to 100%: 0.01% max.Voltage Rated voltage ±10% : 0%Temp. 25 ± 25º°±C : 0.1% maximumFrequency400Hz (at JL = JM)Accel/Decel Time Set0 to 10s (Can be set individually for acceleration and deceleration).Input SignalSpeed Ref.Ref. Voltage4±6VDC (variable set range: ±2 to ±10VDC) at rated speed (forward rotation with positive reference); input vol.: ±12VInput ImpedanceApproximately 14kWCircuit Time Constant—Torque ReferenceReference Voltage4±3VDC (Variable setting range: ±1 to ±10V) at rated torque (forward rotation with positive reference), input voltage: ±12VDC (maximum)Input Impedance 14kWCircuit Time Constant 47µsContact Speed ReferenceRotation Direction SelectionUses P control signalSpeed SelectionForward/rev. rotation current limit signals are used (1st to 3rd speed selection).Positioning Control ModePerformanceBias Setting0 to 450rpmFeed-forward Compensation0 to 100%Position Complete Width Setting0 to 250 reference units (setting resolution: 1 reference unit)Input SignalReference SignalTypeSign + pulse train, 90º phase difference 2-phase pulse (phase A + phase B), or CCW + CW pulse trainPulse BufferLine driver (+5V level), open collector (+5V or +12V level)Pulse FrequencyMaximum 500/200kpps (line driver/open collector)Control SIgnalCLEAR (input pulse form identical to reference pulse)Built-in Open Collector Power Supply 5+12V (With built-in 1kW resistor)I/O Position OutputOutput FormPhases A, B and C: Line driver outputPhase S: Line driver output (Only when absolute encoder is used)Frequency Dividing RatioAnySequence InputServo ON, P control (or forward/reverse rotation in contact input speed control mode), forward rotation prohibitedSequence Output—Servo alarm, 3-bit alarm codesConfigurable: (Any 3 of these signals)Positioning complete (speed coincidence), servomotor rotating, servo ready, current limit, brake release, warningBuilt-in FunctionsDynamic Brake (DB)Activated at main power OFF, servo alarm, servo OFF or overtravelRegenerative ProcessingIncorporated. For 60 to 1A types, external regenerative resistor must be mounted.Overtravel (OT) PreventionMotor decelerates or coasts to a stop, or is stopped by a dynamic brake.ProtectionOvercurrent, overload, regenerative error, main circuit voltage error, heat sink overheat, power open phase, overflow, overspeed,LED DisplayPOWER, CHARGE, five 7-segment LEDs (built-in digital operator functions)Analog Monitor (5CN)Built-in analog monitor connector to observe speed, torque, and other reference signalsSpeed: 1V/1000rpmCommunicationInterfaceDigital operator (mount type or hand-held)RS-422A port such as person computer (RS-232C port can be used if some conditions are met).1 : N CommunicationN can be up to 14 when RS-422A port is used.Axis Address Setting Set via user parametersFunctionsStatus display, user constant setting, monitor display, alarm traceback display, jogging, autotuning, speed/torque reference signals, other graphing functions, etc.OthersReverse rotation connection,

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