latex foam mattress topper of Lisbon memory foam mattress topper

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Post Date: Jun 10,2012

Product Description: latex foam mattress topper of Lisbon memory foam mattress topper


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Memory Support Layer, Pillow Top Layer, and High Density Foam is made to give a luxurious feel to support and comfort you, covered with a high quality damask fabric. The comfort is multiplied by a pillow-layer on top of the mattress.

Reduced partner disturbance - Fully captured individual pocket springs compress according to the contour of your body, reducing pressure on joints whilst also absorbing the impact of your partner climbing in and out of bed. Being that no two springs are linked, there is no chain reaction when movement occurs or your partner rolls over during the night, thus keeping partner disturbance to a minimum.

Anti-Bacterial – All Lisbon mattresses use only premium materials that naturally inhibit growth of bacteria and are resistant to dust mites. They are the mattress that never needs flipping as careful selection of quality materials breathe and promote excellent ventilation ensuring that always fresh feel.


Why you should buy a Memory Foam Mattress ?   

The unique characteristics of this Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress provides a sleep surface that conforms to your body's shape and position. To do this, Visco Elastic Memory Foam responds to temperature and softens in warmer areas. The Memory Foam also reacts to the weight of your body, the result is a Luxurious Mattress that moulds to your body providing the most comfortable surface you can ever sleep on. When you wake up in the morning the memory foam will return to its original shape without distortion, ready for your next restful nights sleep.

Why Choose Memory Foam?

Value-Memory foam mattresses were initially too expensive for use in the home; however, now in recent years it has become more affordable to produce and is now widely available.

Comfort-It’s most common domestic uses are Memory Foam mattresses, pillows, and Memory Foam mattress toppers. These Memory Foam products relieve those painful pressure points created by a conventional mattress that is too hard or too firm in order to help you stop tossing and turning resulting in a better night’s sleep which allows your body to wake rejuvenated and refreshed at a cost that won’t keep you up nights.

Durability-A Memory Foam mattress conforms to the shape of your body and then responds to it’s original shape after it is done helping you get a better nights rest and does not need flipping or turning like conventional mattresses.



Gives even support across the surface of your bodyRelieves pressure that causes soreness and poor sleepKeeps your spine in proper alignmentIncreases blood circulationPrevents the “hammock effect” (curvature of spine)Promotes blood circulation to all parts of the bodyStops tossing and turningEncourages long periods of stillness and deep sleepPrevents motion transfer (stay asleep while your partner gets in and out of bed)Provides edge to edge comfort and consistencyNaturally resists allergens, dust mites, mold, and mildew

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