Fluidized bed incinerator for municipal solid waste disposal

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Brand Name: XINWANG
Model Number: XW502
Country/Region: China
Post Date: May 30,2012

Product Description: Fluidized bed incinerator for municipal solid waste disposal

1)Fluidized bed can make the combustible waste fully contact with the air, the combustion speed is fast,  the combustion is thorough, and the carbon residue is small(less than 1%).

2)Taking bed materials as the heat carrier, it has large heat capacity and high intensity of incineration. The quantity of waste treated on unit hearth area within unit time is great.

3)Due to high intensity of incineration, the furnace cubage and heat loss are smaller than the grate furnace.

4)To reach the 850°c flue-gas temperature at the hearth exit, the required heat value of waste is lower than that of grate furnace. Therefore, it can burn municipal waste with low heat value and high water content.

5)Not only can it incinerate municipal solid waste but also sludge, paper pulp and waste liquid. Because it can burn the mixed waste, the investment of project will be smaller. 

6)Because there is no running mechanical equipment in the fluidized bed, it will be simple to manufacture and the cost is relatively low,


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