Wireless intruder GSM telephone security alarm system,OEM/ODM services for 13years

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Brand Name: Wolf-Guard
Model Number: YL-007M5B
Country/Region: China
Post Date: May 29,2012

Product Description: Wireless intruder GSM telephone security alarm system,OEM/ODM services for 13years

GSM telephone alarm system Functions and PropertiesOperation Screen: Big capacity display screen will give you direct, fast menu operation and setup.Telephone FunctionVoice function: combining use habit of a general telephone set, such as easy interface, general dialing tone, caller identity display etc..Phone book function: Editing phone book with function keys and menu keys; inquire incoming number, dialing number and not connected number.Black and white list:Black listThose phone numbers the calls or SMS of which you do not wish to receive can be put into black list with capacity of 20 names to prevent from malicious disturbance and make the incoming calls clean. When black list function is activated, all the call s and SMS from these numbers in the list will be automatically deleted or refused.White listThat means to choose communication list. When white list is activated, all the incoming calls from numbers which are not in the white list will be refused and SMS will be deleted automatically.SMS functionEditing, storing, pre-setup and fast sending SMSmanagement function: (1) Reporting function(work recording):It can send remotes holders information such as leaving home (going out), coming back home(going to work) to mobile handset of first recipient who is usually head of a family or manager of a company, so they can know the situation of their children or employees.(2) Remote arming and disarming function: Host can arm or unarm the system remotely through handset or telephone.(3) Flexible arming: Arming all the areas or some of them flexibly based on needs.Guard against theft alarming function(1) Guard against theft: when some one enters the room to steal, its siren will ring immediately, and at the same time send alarming signal to recipients.(2) Guard against fire: The systems smoke sensor can detect smoke in the room, then fire alarming information can be sent through SMS to recipients immediately.(3) Guard against gas poisoning: The systems gas sensor can detect the leak of coal gas, LPG, natural gas etc. and send alarming information immediately.(4) Automatic alarming: In emergency situation, the terminal will call the appointed phone number automatically and periodically, can send alarm to alarming center.(5) Site alarming: In emergency situation, it activates siren which sounds loudly to tell neighbors and threats robbers.(6) Remote voice monitoring: After connecting to alarming call, you can monitor and judge situation in the room in real time for the convenience of taking action.SOS: There are emergent buttons on terminals and remotes which you could press on for help when robbed; elders or children in home could also use this button to send cry-for-help information if they meet accidents or are suddenly ill.Extended functions: with adoption of advanced study code, the configuration can be increased easily by users; the variety of sensors could be increased, for example infrared sensors, smoke sensors, gas sensors, and theirs total quantities could be up to 16 to increase protection area and find fire as soon as possible. The remotes could be up to 5 with easy operation and control.Easy installation: Wireless connection, without routing, installation is easy.Power supply protection: Equipped with safe polymer lithium chargeable battery, the system can keep up working more than 10 hours when power is off or cut off by robbers. Backup battery can be switched and charged automatically.Network access: Accessed to alarming center through network to form a large scale alarming system, monitored 24 hours a day. 

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