nc press brake,nc press brake machine,nc hydraulic press brake machine

Price: US $ 11,700 - 12,800 / Set
Brand Name: Accurl
Model Number: WC67Y-100T/3200
Country/Region: China
Post Date: May 29,2012

Product Description: nc press brake,nc press brake machine,nc hydraulic press brake machine

The whole structure of the hydraulic press brake:


1. AccruL SYNCHRONIZED PRESS BRAKE incorporates DELEM controls offer not only failsafe operation of the vital operations of the machine,but also offer the operator considerable assistance in carrying out the entire bending process.

2. Welded structure: the stress of the welded parts can be eliminated by vibration; so this forging press gives high accuracy.

3. High accuracy,high efficiency,simple and convenient operation,good performance, favorable price and best service.

4. Provides CNC control of standard 3 axes (Y1, Y2 and X) with manual R axis (optional CNC R axis available).

1. Hydraulic system:


1.A complete electrolyte servo synchro CNC(Computer Numerical Control)controlled press brake.Close loop electro-hydraulic synchronized servo-control system,the most advanced.

2.Hydraulic system is from Bosch,Germany,a full loop electric-hydraulic proportional servo control,Sumitomo oil pump,Japan.

3. Imported linear optical reader,guiding system,positioning system and hydraulic balancing system with high precision,which all can permit the processing work piece of full length or with eccentric.

4. All seals in cylinder is imported,the most famous brand,good quality and high performance

5. Overload overflow protection is outfitted to hydraulic system,which can assure no leakage,and the oil level can be read or seen directly

6. Being able to work under rated load continuously,stable working and high precision.

3. Protective fence and the safety interlock :


1. Electrical components are imported or from Sino-foreign joint Venture,in accordance with international standards,reliable safety,long life,good anti-interference ability,a radiation unit is fitted in electrical cabinet.

2. Protective fence and the safety interlock to ensure the operation safety. Have a movable single-hand pedal switch,easy to operate.

3. The machine by the European Union CE certification and ISO quality system certification

4. Synchro control system:


1. Two light rulers (Y1-Y2)  linear scales are mounted on a independent C-frame on both side of the machine to prevent deformation of the Press Frame for accurate bending depth or bending angle..

2. The worktable adopts the particular design,reducing the crowning distortion amount of lower tool effectively.

3. The electrolyte servo system of this forging machine is an inner closing ring control system, which can check out the synchro discrepancies of the slide by the movement of the light ruler.

4. The electrolyte servo valve can correct the slide discrepancies, making the slide parallel to the working table.

5. Ram structure:


1. Upper stroke design for bending,low noise,stable operating situation.Parallel tolerance of Y1 and Y2 is 0.01mm.

2. The system is designed to allow for the programming of Ram tilting Y1,Y2 be programmed separately,can work under non-balance load,can bend cone-shape work piece.

3. At bottom dead center a pressure-keeping time is offered,and can be programmed to assure precision of all kinds of work piece.

4. Can move the ram up slowly,which allows the operator to control work piece conveniently.

5. Separate sectional clamping bars are supplied as standard equipment in order to securely fasten short dies.

6. Crowning compensation:


1. Low worktable has an automatic crowning compensation uint; compensation amount is automatically set up by CNC system,with guarantee a same bending angel on full length.

2. The worktable adopts the particular design,reducing the crowning distortion amount of lower tool effectively.

7. Backgauge Control:


1. Good for work piece needing multiple steps of bending with high precision requirement.

2. X is moved with ball screw,guided by linear guide,and driven by digital PANASONIC HINAS A4 series; AC servo motor and drive.

3. Back gauge has well enough mechanical strength and rigidity with tank-type gauge structure.

4. Two fingers are moving alone swallow guide,operate easily with high precision

5. High-precision ball screw and linear guide-way.Particular finger-stop design,enlarge the range of back gauge.


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