88pcs 3watt remote control automatic and manual 120cm aquarium led dimmer timer

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Brand Name: HY
Model Number: HY-A-88x3W
Country/Region: China
Post Date: May 29,2012

Product Description: 88pcs 3watt remote control automatic and manual 120cm aquarium led dimmer timer

88pcs 3watt remote control automatic and manual 120cm aquarium led dimmer timer

Specification of Intelligent LED Aquarium Lights


1, Power:  40x3w 120w, 64x3w 192W, 88x3w 264W Available 

2, Size ( mm): 600mmx320x60mm, 900x320x60mm , 1200x320x60mm


Size ( inch): 23.5"x12.6"x2.4", 35.5’’x12.6’’x2.4’’ , 47.5’’x 12.6’’x2.4’’


3, Input voltage: 100~240VAC 50~60Hz work voltage: 12V or 24V

4, Infrared control distance: 0.5m~10m 

5, Max Temperature of light: 65° C 

6, Thermostatically controlled cooling fans:Work Temperature of fan 55° C 

7, Bridgelux , Cree brand 3W LED bulb Available White10000k /White 14000k /  white 18000k/ blue 460nm /moon blue453nm/ purple427nm Color Ratio Customized

8, Optional 30,45,60,90 degree view angle


Advantage Features of Intelligent LED Aquarium Light


1. Three control ways: First is remote controller, Second is attached button on panel housing side, Third is power supply rotary knob to adjust total light brightness. The LED screen ensures clear observation of the controller and the convenience of manual control. Time set system can be accurate to the very minute. 

Please check the followed pictures on different Control Ways



2. Import high-performance chips, ensure the luminous effects. The main light device uses high-power LED chips. No heat radiation, Hardly any UV comes from LED’s. No hurt on Coral and more suitable for aquarium.


3. Low energy consumption, more power efficiency. LED has the feature of high brightness and low energy consumption, so under the same brightness, using LED, power is only half of the traditional lamp. Besides, LED can emit light from some direction, completely different from the traditional lights, emitting from all directions.


4. Intelligent and passive cooling systems ensure the service life. The light is built in temperature sensors inside, which ensure the service life span. The fans start to dissipate heat when temperature of the LEDs reaches 60° C. On the contrary, the fans stop working in lower than 60° C. Few of the lights are turn off at night, the fan is unnecessary and fan noise can be avoided.


5. The light can operate automatically as predefined system. They can completely imitate the change of light in nature: The white lights turn gradually bright at dawn and turn gradually dark at dusk when the blue lights turn bright and only moonlight blue is left at midnight. The LEDs can even imitate the lunar cycle, which ensures better growth of your pets in this mimic nature light. Moreover, it can work normally even when you take a long time leave.It can simulate normal and four season(spring, summer, autumn and winter) in five mode.

6. Color temperature can be custom-made, which can be used for both sea and fresh water. The color temperature for seawater is around 15000K~18000k and for fresh water is around 9000K~12000K. Our LED lamps' color temperature can be used both in sea water and fresh water. Other color temperature of lamps can be ordered. Blue-ray is a particular wavelength of 453nm moon blue light, suitable for the vast majority of the growth of marine organisms.


7. There are two kinds of installation mode supporting the main light body: hanging type, horizontal bracket-style. The light can be suspended from ceiling through hanging wire line. The light can be also supported on aquarium through retractable outrigger.


8, There are 255 degrees in brightness in each light of different color to be chosen. Lights of different color are turned on in groups, so that efficacy is controlled flexibly.


9.LED 60 degree view angle LENs focus light to deep bottom and enough coverage for tank in high PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) value for coral growth.

Please check the followed PAR value test:


10.Power supply is one of the most important parts in LED lights and it directly influence the quality. Our Power Electronics Solutions reach advanced levels in the world. The PF (Power factor) is more than 0.96. External electrical power supply is stable and quick in react when monitored. LEDs are powered by low tension to make a safe use and to have longer lifespan. Power supplies comply with UL, CE, CCC certification. HouYi Aqua Light working voltage is LOW POWER ,less than 34V, much safer than other company light high working voltage 110/220v. 


11. New housing patent model with aluminium alloy replace of old steel housing. It becomes lighter in weight and more easily in heat dissipation.

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