safe, home safe,office safe, fingerprint lock safe,unlock record, connectable computer

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Model Number: sc530
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Post Date: Jul 26,2011

Product Description: safe, home safe,office safe, fingerprint lock safe,unlock record, connectable computer

safe,  office safe, fingerprint lock safe,personal safe,safe.hotel safe ,home safe,gun safe, fingerprint safe wall safe,  fireproof  safe , electronic safe ,  digital safe, safe box ,  security safe,safety box, keypad safe ,key safe, electronic office safe, mechanical safe,sfes ,electronic drawer safe, At present, many equipped with safe deposit boxes, there is still a theft of events:   1. Your password leak.   2. Password people see through.   3. After the password has not changed the factory, or financial management personnel in the password leaks caused by frequent mobility.Fashion  fingerprint safe will replacing  password safe, password safe  is doomed to be eliminated, as  password safe replaced machinery safe before······ password safe will be peep or guess can not be changed to become eliminated.No password needed to use the fingerprint safe!   baby1, the world's first automated fingerprint safe, set light, electricity, machines, operator integration; 2, the use of advanced fingerprint technology to solve the traditional key and password is lost and forgotten defects, automatic door, no key. 3, stylish  LCD interface (LCD), truly man-machine dialogue; operating convenience and orderly, honorable extraordinary 4, large fingerprint capacity 99 pieces, three-level management, one's first administrator, may appoint two named two administrators, 97 ordinary members. 5, may be right for each fingerprint ID, specify the add delete,  solved a general fingerprint safe disorder headaches. Also solve the financial office staff mobility forgotten your password leak. 6, alarm function, do not bring any of their own key, do not remember your password,but for the thieves,fixed wall, tamper alarm settings, impeccable.  Product Name: Intelligent fingerprint lock SC760 The version: V1.1    Patent Number: 200830098931.5 First, the system power-on: Power-on self-test ring“di di” ,system enter standby mode. Second, add fingerprint:  add the first fingerprint: stand-by mode,Press the Add button, then it will light up the red light, press on the finger tips buzzer, ring  "Di" , raised your finger, waiting for it light red up once again, Press on the same finger, if right acquisition is to Ring a long "Di." its System then continue to wait for the operation or after 10 seconds entering the standby mode automatically.   add other fingerprint: stand-by mode,Press the Add button,press the first administrator to conduct fingerprint verification, if validation Successfully , Press the "Add" Or "Del." Button, choose to add the fingerprint’s storage space, if you choose "02 ~ 03" is the administrator rights, and the rest are General user rights (have no authorized to add or remove any fingerprints), after choose a good space then press "Start" button to start a new fingerprint registration, operating methods is the same as the first fingerprint. Third, delete fingerprint: In standby mode,press "Del." Key, administrator fingerprint to conduct fingerprint verification,if validation Successfully, Press the "Add" (the front) or "Del." (Next)to choose delete which fingerprint, then Press "Start" button to confirm the deletion. (First fingerprint In this menu can not be deleted) Fourth, how to open or close?  open: In standby mode, press the "Start" button, it will light up the red light, press the Registered fingerprint to  authentication, if right ,the indentation latch can be opened door; when the fingerprint system have no Registered  fingerprint, " Start "button latch automatically after the indent, every user can open the door. (When the latch indent, users within 10 seconds not open door, the latch will pop up automatically re-lock the door)  close: when  the door opened and the system of standby status, press the "Start" button, the latch will pop up automatically. Or directly related to the Closed door, the latch will pop up automatically. Fifth, vibration alarm (optional)   open and close vibration alarm: in standby mode, press the "Func." Button, the screen flashes speakers, press the "Add" or "Del." Button to choose the vibration alarm to be pened or closed ( a speaker means opened,a speak with X means closed), when opened if anyone destroy it, it will ring loudly to alarm and show speakers with ")))", after a good choice,do not forget to press "Start" button to confirm (vibration alarm functions will remain in effect open untill you close it).   Sixth, remind Low voltage lower  system uses four 1.5V alkaline batteries, battery full, showed signs of solid battery, if battery voltage lower than 4.5V, when open the door it remind the " Di,Di,Di" three times to tell the users to replace the battery .  if you don’t replace, you can use Emergency key to open. or External power supplySeven, the system initialization Press  on the green button for 5 seconds, the system will resume initialization settings, remove all fingerprints. Eight, the system parameters Operating voltage: 4.0V ~ 6.8V under-voltage reminder: 4.5 ± 0.2 Current work: <200mA standby current: <10uA Fingerprint capacity: Admin (administrator) Group 3 fingerprints, User (user) Group 96 unlock record (optional) usual no this function if need MOQ 100 and tell to mecan look  who have opened the safe,can connectable to computer.When open the box the system will automatically save the current time, unlocking the fingerprint code information   you can read the latest 100 sets unlock records by our equipment connected to computer, use in follow way:  install unlock record software and drive on the computer. read the record from safe, channeled the U plate reader switch away from the U disk plug direction, and insert the safe panel. long press “alert” key (about one second), enter the main menu, lower left side of the screen show “FUN 1”, press “Add” or ““delete” key, display “FUN 2”, then “Start” button to start sending record , the screen shows “SD XX”, “XX” as the number of records sent, send completed, it will show“ Good “.  

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