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digital Ammeter with USB can be connect with computer Power supply AC Measuring DC

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Brand Name: XIELI
Model Number: MB4202
Country/Region: China
Post Date: May 27,2012

Product Description: digital Ammeter with USB can be connect with computer Power supply AC Measuring DC

digital Ammeter can connect USB Measuring DC

Model no:                  MB4202

Power supply:            AC 220V

Digital display:           4 1/2

Operating temperaure:0--40 degree

Relative humidity:       20--80%

Installation method:    inlay

Tapping size:            (90+0.5)x(45+0.5)mm

Dimension:               (W)96 X (H)48X (D)77mm

Full range:                 + 1.9999mA

Resolution:                0.1uA

Input impedance:       100Ω

Max input current:      + 15mA

Accuracy(character):  + 0.07%+5digital  




1. Through the USB output of meter, it can truly display the synchronous value of  display meter on PC conveniently.

2. It can change the background's color and display the character's color flexibly.

3. It can enlarger or reduce the size of digital display characters freely.

4. If you need to set the measured value range safety status, it can automatically change the background color through changing the set value. Set green as the safety value, set yellow as pre-alarm value, and set red as alarm value(The computer can change the background color automatically when you set value).

5. If make a record for a while, the measured value changing states can print the recorded value conveniently through USB storage and playback.

6. It can be pulled and inserted.

7. It can connect multiple digital instruments. The USB has many interfaces as usual, a few digital meters can connect PC simultaneously. If there are four ports on the USB HUB, can connect 4 display meters, and so on without any problems.(Note: The max number of digital meters can be connected is 127.)


digital Ammeter with USB can be connect with computer Power supply AC Measuring DC

ModelFull measurementResolutionAccuracyInput impedanceMax current input(A)MB4201±199.99µA0.01µA±0.1+5 Digit1K ±15mA MB4202±1.9999mA0.1µA ±0.1+2 Digit 100Ω±50mAMB4203±19.999mA1µA±0.1+2 Digit10Ω±150mAMB4204±199.99mA10µA±0.1+2 Digit1Ω±500mAMB4205±1.9999mA0.1mA±0.2+3 Digit0.1Ω±3AMB4206±5.000A1mA±0.5+5 Digit0.01Ω±7A



* Certification ISO9001 & CE

* Easy to read under the high lights (sunshine)

* More than 70000 hour life

* High quality component (LSI) and high stability

* 70-80% components from international well know manufacturers

* Easy to use high accuracy

* Many years of export experience and 12 years experience cooperation with Panasonic


The MB4200 series digital panel meter is used in measuring AC/DC Voltage and Current.And the same time, it can connect the USB

The meters utilities Largescale Integrated circuit (LSI) , the design of the circuit is very precise, high accuracy, light weight, small volume, and only 77mm thickness, which made the meters are smaller than the other products.

Among of them, the meters use 15mm high brightness light diode as the digital indicate, and each data output as the A/D transmitter.

It is very fitted for the use of making science research and precise measurement

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Shaanxi Xieli Photo Electric Instrument Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. connie tian

Contact Phone:86-29-82621387

Main Products:Battery Testers

Business type:Manufacturer


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