Price: US $50 - 90 / Piece
Brand Name: northvision
Model Number: host-nx10
Country/Region: China
Post Date: May 05,2011

Product Description: home security alarm system

alarm system Home/office/warehouse/shop, everywhere can connect with telephone line. 1. Alarm Security and InsuranceAny alarm system is not a substitute for adequate insurance cover. Please review your insurance needs and ensure adequate insurance for your property, goods and persons. 2. Access To Your PropertyUnwanted persons may enter your property via points of access which are not protected by sensors or by disconnecting a sensor device.Please ensure all locks on all doors and windows operate securely and additional sensors are used to cover all access points. An evaluation of your security needs by a security expert is recommended. 3. BatteriesThis alarm system's wireless transmitters batteries and Main Unit phone back-up batteries (not supplied) should be high quality heavy-duty (alk-aline or lithium) batteries -AAA (1.5V) for the wireless PIR Monitor Detectors and AA (1.5V) for the Main Unit phone.  The expected life of the batteries is a function of the use environment.  All batteries should be replaced at least annually.While the PIR Motion Detectors have a low battery monitor when these batteries require replacement, the monitor may fail to operate.Always use heavy-duty (alkaline or lithium) batteries -do not use rechargeable batteries. 4. ComponentsThis alarm system is extremely reliable and subject to vigorous quality control. However, due to the large number of components, the system may fail to function due to the failure of a single component. 5. Criminal IntentIt is feasible for technologically-orientated persons of criminal intent to develop techniques to reduce the effectiveness of any alarm security system. It is therefore critical to periodically review your security needs and the protection provided by this alarm system and to replace or Update the system if it does not provide the necessary protection that you require. 6.Insufficient ResponseResponsiveness by third parties is outside the control of the alarm system.  Any emergency event reported by the alarm system requires a response by third parties (eg, ambulance, patrol car, police, etc). The response may not happen in time to protect property, goods or persons. Adequate insurance cover for property, goods and persons is regarded as mandatory. 7.Inadequate Service TestingAdequate maintenance,service and testing is also regarded as mandato-ry; regular testing can identify problems of system failure.The complete system should be tested at least monthly and immediately after any major property event (eg, accident, break-in, fire, storm and tempest, earthquake, building renovation or modification, etc). Refer to the "User Guide" index for testing instructions. 8.PIR Motion Detectors and False AlarmsPIR motion detectors can only detect movement within the limited areas and cannot distinguish between individuals and animals.  They cannot detect movement behind partitions (ie, doors, windows, walls, etc); they operate by detecting changes in temperature and, therefore, when the temperature rises to near or above body temperature (or there are other sources of heat(such as barbeques, heaters, direct sunlight, etc)they can generate false alarms.Open windows resulting in draughts and indoor p-lant movement, insects and/or cobwebs in/or detectors and pets not be-ing restricted to areas that are not armed can also generate false alarms.To reduce the risk of false alarms it is recommended that before turning on/arming your system that you:    Lock all windows and doors;    Restrict animals to rooms that are not protected by sensors;    Inspect all sensors to ensure they are clear of obstructions and insects or cobwebs; and    Ensure everyone on the property knows how to cancel false alarms. 9.Power FailurePower failure or interruption resulting in voltage fluctuations can damageelectronic systems.  After any power fluctuation immediately conduct a system test to ensure the system is fully operational.  Refer to the 'User Guide' index for testing instructions. 10. Security System Users All usersmust be familiar with how the alarm system works and how to react to alarms (including how to cancel a false alarm). 11. Telephone Line ReliabilityThe alarm system relies on transmission via the telephone line.Telephone lines may be busy temporarily out of service, or interfered with. 12. Wireless Devices Sensor signals may not always reach the Main Unit to initiate an alarm due to accidental radio frequency interference or jamming. 13. Maintenance/ServiceTo comply with the relevant Australian Standard and the requirements of Police for their response to an alarm event and insurance companies (to qualify for security -monitoring house and contents insurance discounts) your security system must be tested annually by a licensed expert. Please ring the Help Desk to arrange your annual system test.  

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