Brushless DC PM Motor Drive for vehicle Specifications

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Post Date: May 27,2012

Product Description: Brushless DC PM Motor Drive for vehicle Specifications

System specification
Motors have special dual-stator structure, constituting automatic variable torque system with the special driver. According to the vehicle’s situation like climbing, starting low speed and high speed,the system automatically work in single-stator or dual-stator state. Motor gives appropriate torque to make the dynamic performance adjust to the requirement. No longer need gearbox, avoid high current discharging, save energy, improve the travel distance, extend battery life.
Brushless motor structure,No spark.No longer need to change the carbon brush,Eliminate the loss of carbon brush,Compact structure,High overload ability, long service life.
Motor rotor with rare-earth permanent magnetic field,Do not need to absorb battery energy excitation(A brush dc motor or ac motor need),saving energy,generating effect is good when vehicle braking,Energy feedback effect is good,Electric braking effect is good.
The system’s working principleDriver timely collect information of motor rotor position,the phase is changed according to the motor rotor position. The motor stator windings give current to produce positive torque which make the motor run.The speed-control signals change the duty cycle of the power device. So the current changes, the motor torque changes, and the motor speed changes.
Outstanding load characteristics,good low speed peformance,high starting torque,small starting current, preventing high current discharging of the battery, according to the discharging characteristics of the battery,adapting to the needs of vehicle frequent startup. The battery life can be extended by 50%,The driving distance can be prolonged about 30% ~ 50% when charged.
Equipped with excellent special motor driver,Using high-performance imported power module and control chip,Using industrial components. Operating temperature is -20 degrees; military level requirement can reach - 40 degrees; reliable performance. Driver with stepless speed,Positive &negative control operation,Braking energy feedback; Multiple overload overheating protection,over-voltage protection,under-voltage protection,Speed signal,voltage and curent output.
Motor in the whole speed range can operate high efficiently. It has greatly improved comparing with a brush dc motor, ac frequency conversion motor.
Motors and drives are cooled by air or water. Low temperature. Motor adopts imported oil bearing,Free maintenance,High reliability,Long life.

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