Linksys ADSL Gateway WAG54GP2,Wireless Router With Modem and VPN

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Model Number: wag54gp2
Country/Region: China
Post Date: May 04,2011

Product Description: Linksys ADSL Gateway WAG54GP2,Wireless Router With Modem and VPN

List of FiguresFigure 1-1: Network 1Figure 1-2: Computer-to-VPN Gateway 3Figure 1-3: VPN Gateway-to-VPN Gateway 4Figure 2-1: Back Panel 6Figure 2-2: Front Panel 7Figure 3-1: Connecting your networking devices 9Figure 3-2: Connecting your ADSL line 9Figure 3-3: Connecting your phones 9Figure 3-4: Connecting the power 9Figure 4-1: Password Screen 13Figure 4-2: Setup Tab - Basic Setup 14Figure 4-3: Basic Setup Tab - RFC 1483 Bridged 15Figure 4-4: Basic Setup Tab - RFC 1483 Routed 17Figure 4-5: Basic Setup Tab - IPoA 18Figure 4-6: Basic Setup Tab - RFC 2516 PPPoE 19Figure 4-7: Basic Setup Tab - RFC 2364 PPPoA 21Figure 4-8: Basic Setup Tab - Bridged Mode Only 22Figure 4-9: Basic Setup Tab - DNS Proxy and Optional Settings 23Figure 4-10: Basic Setup Tab - Network Setup 24Figure 4-11: Setup Tab - DDNS ( 25Figure 4-12: Setup Tab - DDNS ( 25Figure 4-13: Setup Tab - Advanced Routing 26Figure 4-14: Routing Table 27Figure 4-15: PVC Selection Table 27Figure 4-16: Wireless Tab - Wireless Network 29Figure 4-17: Wireless Tab - Wireless Security (WPA Pre-Shared Key) 30Figure 4-18: Wireless Tab - Wireless Security (WPA RADIUS) 30Figure 4-19: Wireless Tab - Wireless Security (WEP) 31Figure 4-20: Wireless Tab - Wireless Network AccessFigure 4-21: MAC Address Access/Filter ListFigure 4-22: Wireless Tab - Advanced Wireless Settings 33Figure 4-23: Security Tab - Firewall 34Figure 4-24: Security Tab - VPN 35Figure 4-25: VPN Settings Summary 35Figure 4-26: Auto Key Management 36Figure 4-27: Manual Key Management 36Figure 4-28: System Log 37Figure 4-29: Advanced VPN Tunnel Setup 37Figure 4-30: Access Restrictions Tab - Parental Control 39Figure 4-31: Access Restrictions Tab - Internet Access 40Figure 4-32: Internet Policy Summary 40Figure 4-33: List of PCs 41Figure 4-34: Port Services 41Figure 4-35: Applications and Gaming Tab - Single Port Forwarding 42Figure 4-36: Applications and Gaming Tab - Port Range Forwarding 43Figure 4-37: Applications and Gaming Tab - Port Triggering 43Figure 4-38: Applications and Gaming Tab - DMZ 44Figure 4-39: Applications and Gaming Tab - QOS 44Figure 4-40: Administration Tab - Management 46Figure 4-41: Administration Tab - Reporting 49Figure 4-42: System Log 49Figure 4-43: Administration Tab - Diagnostics 50Figure 4-44: Administration Tab - Backup&Restore 50Figure 4-45: Administration Tab - Factory Defaults 50Figure 4-46: Administration Tab - Firmware Upgrade 51Figure 4-47: Administration Tab - Reboot 51Figure 4-48: Status Tab - Gateway 52Figure 4-49: Status Tab - Local Network 52Figure 4-50: Status Tab - Wireless 53Figure 4-51: Status Tab - DSL Connection 53Figure 4-52: Status Tab - Voice 54Figure 4-53: Voice Tab - Voice Authentication 55Figure 5-1: Safe Surfing 57Figure 5-2: Access Restrictions Tab - Parental Control 57Figure 5-3: Linksys Service Agreement 58Figure 5-4: Sign Up 58Figure 5-5: Purchase Service 59Figure 5-6: Connecting to the Parental Control Service 60Figure 5-7: Congratulations 60Figure 5-8: Parental Controls Login 61Figure 5-9: Support Center 62Figure 5-10: Subscribe to Service 62Figure 5-11: Update Contact Information 63Figure 5-12: Cancel Your Parental Control Account 63Figure 5-13: Activity Reports 64Figure 5-14: Types of Reports 64Figure 5-15: Web Report 65Figure 5-16: Family Settings 66Figure 5-17: New Family Member 66Figure 5-18: All Settings 67Figure 5-19: Online Reporting 67Figure 5-20: Maturity Level 68Figure 5-21: Time Restrictions 69Figure 5-22: Web Browsing Restrictions 70Figure 5-23: Web Site Categories 70Figure 5-24: Blocked & Allowed Web Sites 71Figure 5-25: E-mail Restrictions 72Figure 5-26: E-mail Settings 72Figure 5-27: Instant-Messaging Restrictions 73Figure 5-28: Password 73Figure 5-29: Suggest a Rating 74Figure 5-30: Security Warning 74Figure 5-31: Welcome to Parental Controls 75Figure 5-32: Tray Icon 75Figure 5-33: Pop-up Screen (Login) 75Figure 5-34: Pop-up Screen (Sign Out)Figure 5-35: Right-Click Tray Icon 76Figure 5-36: Re-activate Tray Icon 76Figure C-1: Local Security Screen 95Figure C-2: Rules Tab 95Figure C-3: IP Filter List Tab 95Figure C-4: IP Filter LIst 96Figure C-5: Filters Properties 96Figure C-6: New Rule Properties 96Figure C-7: IP Filter List 97Figure C-8: Filters Properties 97Figure C-9: New Rule Properties 97Figure C-10: IP Filter List Tab 98Figure C-11: Filter Acton Tab 98Figure C-12: Security Methods Tab 98Figure C-13: Authentication Methods 99Figure C-14: Preshared Key 99Figure C-15: New Preshared Key 99Figure C-16: Tunnel Setting Tab 100Figure C-17: Connection Type Tab 100Figure C-18: Properties Screen 100Figure C-19: IP Filter List Tab 101Figure C-20: Filter Action Tab 101Figure C-21: Authentication Methods Tab 101Figure C-22: Preshared Key 102Figure C-23: New Preshared Key 102Figure C-24: Tunnel Setting Tab 102Figure C-25: Connection Type 103Figure C-26: Rules 103Figure C-27: Local Computer 103Figure C-28: VPN Tab 104Figure D-1: IP Configuration Screen 105Figure D-2: MAC Address/Adapter Address 105Figure D-3: MAC Address/Physical AddressFigure E-1: Upgrade FirmwareLinksys ADSL Gateway WAG54GP2,Wireless Router With Modem and VPN

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