commercial reverse osmosis water filter system

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Product Description: commercial reverse osmosis water filter system

  Reverse osmosis is widely used for desalination of seawater and bitter salt water ,production of drinking water for food industry and pure water for pharmaceutical industry because of its advantage of high desalting effciency removing germ,endotoxin and other organic meters in  the same time and low operation cost.It is specially suitable for those industries with both requirements of desalt and removal of germ particles.  commercial reverse osmosis water filter systemRO device is raw water after fine granular activated carbon filter, activated carbon filter filter, compression, again through the pump pressure can use aperture for 1/10,000 mu m (equivalent to escherichia coli size 1/6000, virus 1/3) reverse osmosis membrane (RO film), the relatively high concentrations of water into water, and will be low concentration of industrial pollutants, heavy metal, bacteria, viruses such as large intermingled with water impurities all segregation, achieve drinking provisions physiochemical index and hygiene standards, output to qing dynasty to pure water, it is human body moisture of seasonable compensatory quality of best choice. Because RO reverse osmosis technology production water is dramatically is currently humans master all the water making technology, cleanliness the tallest of almost 100%, so people say the water production machines for reverse osmosis pure water.Reverse osmosis membrane separation technology, equipment applications can effectively remove the water of charged ions, inorganic compound, colloid particles, bacteria and organic substances and etc. Is highly purified water preparation, md desalting and wastewater treatment process of the best equipment. Widely used in electronic, pharmaceutical, food, textile, chemical industry, power generation, etc.System compositionGeneral including pretreatment system, the reverse osmosis device, filtration systems, cleaning system and electric control system, etc.Pretreatment system generally includes the original water pump, dosing device, quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, the precision filter, etc. Its main effect is to reduce raw water pollution index and residual chlorine and other impurities, achieve reverse osmosis fill requirements. Pretreatment system of equipment should be based on the specific circumstances of raw and decide.Reverse osmosis device is mainly include multistage high-pressure pump, reverse osmosis membrane element, membrane shells (pressure vessels), support etc. Its main function is to remove impurities in the water, and the water meets the requirement.The DPF system is in reverse osmosis cannot satisfy the water requirements of the situation increase configuration. Mainly include Yin bed, Yang bed, mixed bed, sterilizing, ultrafiltration, EDI etc one or more equipment. The DPF system can reverse osmosis yielding water better improve to meet the requirement.Cleaning system basically have clean water tank, clean water pump, the precision filter composition. When ro system polluted effluent index cannot satisfy the requirement, the need to reverse osmosis cleaning to restore efficacy.Electric control system is used to control the whole reverse osmosis system normal operation. Including the dashboard, control panel, various electric protection, electric control cabinet, etc.Reverse osmosis equipment cleaning method[1] reverse osmosis technology because of its special advantages and get more extensive application. Reverse osmosis water purification equipment cleaning could make many technical force is not strong user suffer a loss, so must complete reverse-osmosis equipment management, can avoid to appear serious problem.1. Low pressure flushing ro deviceThe regular ro device for large flow, low pressure, low pH flushing conducive to divest attached on the membrane surface of dirt, maintain membrane performance, or when ro device feed SDI rise suddenly 5.5 above should be carried out when the low-pressure flush, stay SDI value moves to a qualified again after the boot.2. Ro device etc protectionDue to production fluctuations, ro device inevitably will often lines, short-term or long-term discontinuation necessary to take protective measures, improper handling can cause membrane performance degradation and can be reused.Short-term preservation applies to 15d service system, which can adopt the following every 1 ~ 3d low-pressure flush ways to protect ro device. Practice found that more than 20 °C temperature, ro device of water storage 3d stink metamorphism, there are large bacterium is progenitive. Accordingly, the proposal is above 20 °C water, every 2d or 1d low-pressure flush again, water temperature below 20 per °C may, when washing a 3d low-pressure after rinse, every time should be shut off water purification equipment reverse osmosis device all import and export valve.Long-term discontinuation protection applies to 15d service above system, then must use protect fluid (fungicides filling water purification equipment reverse osmosis device to protect. Common fungicides formula (compound membrane) for formaldehyde 10 (mass fraction) and isothiazolinelcetone 20mg/L and hydrogen sulfite of sodium 1 (mass fraction).3. Reverse osmosis membrane chemical cleaningIn the normal operation conditions, reverse osmosis membrane may also be inorganic scale, colloid, microbe, metal oxide polluted, these substances deposition in the membrane surface will cause water purification equipment reverse osmosis unit output declines or desalination rate drop, differential pressure increases, even on membrane causing unrecoverable damage, therefore, in order to restore good waterproof, and salt performance, except to film chemical cleaning.Generally 3 ~ 12 months to be cleaned, if every month had to be cleaned, this shows that should improve the pretreatment system, adjust the operating parameters. If 1 ~ 3 months need to be cleaned, is needed to improve equipment operation level, whether to need to improve the pretreatment system more difficult to judge.1. The original pitchers (optional) ro device flow process graph (click the tile)Stored in the distil water, the water used to sediment big sediment particles and other can precipitate substances. At the same time the tap in hydraulic buffer instability of the impact of water treatment system. (water pressure is too low or too high pressure sensor caused the response).2. The original pumpsConstant pressure water supply system, stable water.3. Many media filtersUsing multiple filtering layers of filters, main purpose is to remove raw water containing the sediment, rust, colloid particles suspended substances, such as in 20um or more of material, can choose manual valve control or automatic controller backwash, are flush and so on a series of operations. Ensure that equipment of water production quality and prolong the service life of equipment.4. Carbon filterSystem adopts nut shell activated carbon filter, active carbon adsorption electrolyte ions, not only can conduct ion exchange adsorption. The adsorption still can make the potassium permanganate oxygen consumption (COD) by 15mg/L (O2), down from 2 ~ 7mg/L (O2), in addition, because adsorption effect on the surface to adsorb copy of increasing concentration, thus has also played catalysis, purify the water of pigment and smell, a large number of biochemical of organic matter, reduces the water's residual chlorine value and pesticide pollutants and remove water three halide    

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