reverse osmosis water filter system for drinking water

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Brand Name: Fountain Palm
Model Number: RO-1000I(2000L/H)
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jul 24,2011

Product Description: reverse osmosis water filter system for drinking water

reverse osmosis water filter system for drinking waterfrom Jiangmen angel drinking water equipment CO.,TD. We specialized    in pure water industry for more than 15's the oldest factory in China.Technology instruction:1,It adopts current advanced RO system , the output water no kernel,pure.2,this system adopts American HAIDENENG company ESPA-8040,the rate of removed  salt is 98%,recovery 50%-75%,and shapes the special character. The whole system can get rid of bacterial virus , heavy metallic irons. radioactive elements ,organic pollutant each is 99.99%,95%, 99%,95% ,the quality of water sweet ,clean. Also get rid of poison harmful material in source water , such as four chlorination carbons, benzenese, hydrocarbon, agrochemical, and lead, mercury ,chrome ...etc other radioactive element all Be tested a limit the following.system introduction           Raw water      raw water pump       Quartz sand filter       Active Carbon filter     water softener       PP sediment filter         2M3/h RO system        pure waterspecification : Specification:Model:RO-1000I(2000L/H)Capacity of pure water:2000 L/H 25General power:4.75 KWElectrical power:AC 380V 8.8A 50HzRO membranes:CPA2 4040 8items(1 grade)Multi-phases pump:CDL4-220/4.0 KW 1 itemBeforehand filter:500×1200×δ1.5 2 itemsIon exchange resin tube:450×1650 1 itemAuto softener controller:180/440 1 itemPP sediment membranes filter tube:90×1000 5itemsBooster pump:BLC70/0.75 KW 1 itemActive carbon filter:125 KgCation:100 LQuartz sand filter:250 KgFunctions:RO membrane auto wash and manual wash RO membrane wash use medicament in machine Pure water height water level auto stop,low water lever auto run Multi-levels pump no water protect All kinds of protect:no power,poor power,short circuit,larger electric current,creepage protect and so on.Size (mm):4800×700×2050  Alao we can provide the small bottle water filling machine (3 in 1)small bottle mineral water filling machinery ( 3 in 1)is used PLC controller automatic small water bottle 300ml-2L washing bottle ,filling water and capping.the water filling machine's specification1) Capacity: a) 300 - 1500mL bottles: 1000-2300 bottles/hour b) 1.5L bottles: 1,000 bottles/hour 2) Functions: washes bottles, fills bottles with water, caps lids 3) Bottle specifications: a) Diameter of mouth: 22 - 30mm b) Diameter of bottle: 60 - 88mm c) Height: 160 - 320mm 4) Washing system: a) 12 washing positions b) Motor power: 0.55kW c) Size: 900 x 800 x 1,600mm d) Weight: 250kg 5) Filling system: a) 16 filling positions b) Output: 1,500 - 3,000 bottles/hour c) Motor power: 0.9kW d) Size: 1,000 x 900 x 2,000mm e) Weight: 500kg 6) Capping system: a) Output: 1,500 - 3,000 bottles/hour b) Motor power: 0.55kW c) Size: 900 x 700 x 1,800mm d) Weight: 500kg Main of technology:The machine could auto wash, fill, cap, bottles are transferred on the conveyer .when bottles come to the core machine, washing part(washing 18 Piece once),filling part(filling 18 pcs once),capping part(capping 6pcs once)work. at the same time,cap panel  feed cap into the capping part. 

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