RTV silicone sealant(adhesive), industrial silicone sealant

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Brand Name: evopute
Model Number: 315W
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jul 24,2011

Product Description: RTV silicone sealant(adhesive), industrial silicone sealant

OPT315W two-component silicone pouring sealantProduct informationOPT315W is a kind of two-component condensation type room temperature curing silicone sealing adhesive. Ethanol which is absorbed during curing is non-corrosion to PC PP, ABS, PVC and copper. It has good   adhesion to most of electronic fittings (except for PP, PE).  Product features1. Potting and protection of outdoor LED screen and electronic equipment module2. Rubber after curing with elasticity and shock resistance3. Heat resistance, moisture-proof and freeze resistance which) prolong the life of electronic fittings.4. Ethanol is absorbed and non-corrosion to equipments during the process of curing5. Primer is unnecessary with strong adhesive to PC(Polycarbonate),Epoxy material.6. IP65 water proof grade.Use Potting of electronic equipment and module Technical parameter performance indexOPT315W  A componentOPT315W B componentBefore curingappearancewhite fluidtransparent fluidviscosity(cps)3500~500020~130relativity density(g/cm3)0.98~1.120.98~1.02A:B(weight ratio)10:1cured typeTwo-component condensation dealcoholization typeviscosity after curing((cps)2000~3000operating time(min)40~90surface curing time(hr)2~24cured time (hr)24 After curinghardness (Shore A,24hr)25-30tensile strength(kgf/cm2)1.8shear strength(MPa)1.00linear shrinkage   (%)0.3temperature scope (°C)-60~250volume  resistivity   (Ω·cm)1.0×1015dielectric strength (kV/·mm)≥25dielectric constant  (1.2MHz)2.9thermal conductivity[W/(m·K)]0.35application scopepotting of  modulebiggest featurefluid, deep curing   Note: viscosity, color and curing time can be adjusted according to your requisition Using method and note1. Stirring the A adhesive by hand or with machine before using and stir the B adhesive in an airproof container. Repack the left adhesive.2. Ensure the material can be adhesive before use.3. Mixed the adhesive in weight ratio: A:B = 10:1. Generally, more B component requires longer curing time.4. Mix the adhesive in the airproof container for 5 min, deaeration under 700mmHg. 5. It will be cured with shorter time in higher temperature but heated-curing is not suggested.  Storage and transportation 1. The product should be stored under cool, dry condition and the shelf-life can be 9 months under 25°C.2. These products don’t belong to dangerous goods, so they can be transported as normal   chemicals.3. Seal the mixture to avoid Leakage.4. Products past deadline must be confirmed before use.  

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