DF-09 Starch Paste Enhancer/double sided adhesive film/polyester adhesive /polyurethane glue

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Brand Name: Ming Hui
Model Number: DF09 DF100
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jul 24,2011

Product Description: DF-09 Starch Paste Enhancer/double sided adhesive film/polyester adhesive /polyurethane glue

DF-09 starch paste enhancer is a kind of special chemical. Its molecular chain contains large amounts of hydroxyl, which will have a cross-linking reaction in contact with the hydroxyl on the starch chain to form the curing phase and thus effectively improve the strength and moisture resistance of the cardboard. Outstanding performance of DF-09 Permeability         Some active groups in the DF-09 could immediately penetrate the AKD wax or styrene polymer coating on paper fiber surface thus to decrease the contact angle between adhesive layer and paper fiber, enhance the permeability of starch paste, improve the adhesion strength and lower the adhesion rejection rate. Water Retention          DF-09 offers starch paste extremely good water retention to ensure the full moisturizing, diffusion, absorption and curing of the paste on the paper fiber surface within 0.1~1 second. Thermosetting            DF-09 is a kind of thermosetting resin, which contains large amounts of active groups able to have 3-D cross-linking with starch hydroxyl. After curing, the adhesive layer will get harder, therefore, the cardboard hardness and the indicators like horizontal pressure and vertical pressure will be dramatically enhanced. Moisture Resistance          DF-90 significantly improves the dry and wet strength between adhesive layers so that the cardboard could have excellent moisture proof function and moisture resistance that is sufficient to cope with the long-term storage and the challenges of various extreme environments (refrigeration, ocean shipping, etc.) (The processed cardboard could be soaked in water for 300 hours without tacking, and the adhesive strength will remain unchanged after natural drying.) Foam Control              DF-09 has good foam inhibiting and suppressing functions, so that it can effectively prevent the “fake adhesion” of cardboard resulting from excessive foam of starch paste. Antiseptic Control              Under normal conditions, the antiseptic ingredients of DF-09 could prevent the starch paste from corrosion and metamorphism in one week. Environmental Protection Control           DF-09 always strictly implements the “RoHS Directive” and “94/62/EC” directly related to packaging material law. There is absolutely no formaldehyde pollution whatsoever during the paste making and the adhesion of corrugated cardboard, or in the finished products of cardboard (cartons).    

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