Macaw Deluxe Series 1K Metallic Auto Paint

Price: US $1.9 - 20 / Liter
Brand Name: MACAW
Model Number: Deluxe JSM01--JL330
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jul 24,2011

Product Description: Macaw Deluxe Series 1K Metallic Auto Paint

Metallic Auto PaintBrand name: MACAW Deluxe SeriesSubstrates: Dried and sanded existing finishes, Macaw 1k  PrimerSurface Cleaning: Remove wax, silicon and other contaminations with degreaser. NO.of Coats: 2-3 coats,40-60umFlash-off time: At 25°C,5-10 minutes between coats, allow 15-20minutes flash-off time before bakingSandability and Polishabiility: Dust particles and minor damages or sagging area can be sanded out with P2000 paper wet after the finish is completely dry. Compound and polish to restore gloss.Spray Gun & Pressure     Gravity Feed    1.2-1.5mm       3-5kg/cm2                                        Siphon Feed    1.4-1.7mm        3-5kg/cm2Drying Time:Temperature    Dust Free    Tack Free    Dry to Handle   Thorough Dry25°C              45 minutes    2-3 hours     10 hours            7 days70°C                5 minutes    10 minutes   25 minutes        60 minutesShelf life: 2 years in original sealed can at cool and dry place at 20°C Note:1. Remains of water in the sanding marks is harmful to the property of paint film. If the substrate is prepared with P800-1000 wet, blow dry the surface with spray gun.2. At temperature lower than 15°C, air-dry at ambient temperature is not recommended. Allow a full bake at 60°C.3. At ambient temperature higher than 30°C, add Retarder Solvent into thinner to avoid blushing. Details please refer to the technical data sheet of Retarder Solvent.4. In the event of fisheyes during application, add 0.5-1% Anti Silicon in the paint remained and re-spray the affected area.5. In the overspray area of new and existing finish, apply directly Thinner SRA to achieve an invisible transition. Details please refer to the technical data sheet of Thinner SRA.6. The products mixed with hardener should be used up soon and can not restore for future use.7. Clean equipments immediately with solvent after application.

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